EU regulations: Winter tires are compulsory for ATVs and quads

Winter tires compulsory for ATVs and quads: Alpine symbolThe new winter tire requirement for ATVs and quads comes into force on January 1, 2018. From this point on, winter tires in the European Union must be marked with the Alpine symbol (‘snowflake’); There is a transitional period for the good old M+S label: tires with the M+S logo produced by December 31, 2017 may be used as winter tires until September 30, 2024. As clear as this regulation may appear at first glance, it turns out to be difficult for ATVs, quads and side-by-sides: There are no tires with M+S or Alpine markings for our off-road vehicles. And there is no technical necessity, after all, their off-road profiles, which are marked with the lettering ‘AT’ (All Terrain), have already proven themselves in winter service all over the world.

Winter tires compulsory for ATVs and quads: unclear regulation in Germany

Whether a tire was considered an M+S and thus a winter tire by German law did not depend on the respective marking, but rather on the fact that the profile of its tread and the structure were designed in such a way that they were above all provide better driving characteristics than normal tires on mud and fresh or melting snow. “The profile of the tread of M+S tires is generally characterized by larger tread grooves and / or lugs, which are separated from each other by larger spaces than is the case with normal tires,” was defined in 2010 by the German Ministry of Transport – a Statement that can hardly be surpassed by a worn-out ATV chassis in terms of spongyness.
What the law in Germany requires of ATV and quad drivers and what regulations apply in Austria is in the current issue of ATV&QUAD Magazine 2017/11-12 from page 10. To order, go to quad-magazin_com//bestellung, the magazine is also currently available at the kiosk – an overview of the sales outlets is available at x

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