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Expand the living space – expand the basement and gain new living space

We all know the living situation in Germany. In the big cities in particular, living space is never big enough and people try to expand it somehow. A successful solution to the problem of lack of living space would be the attic. You can live really elegant there if you design an extra room on the roof. Today we want to turn our gaze in a different direction and take a closer look at the basement, because it is often neglected and only used as a storage room for old and unusable things. But who actually his Expand living space would like, could expand the basement in such a way that it gains new living space. Stay with us if you feel like learning more about it!

Ideen Keller Ausbauen

You can have a nice living room underground or even a whole, cozy basement apartment!

Making the underground space habitable is no easy task. However, if you plan to gain additional living space, you need to draw up a properly thought-out design concept before converting the basement. What exactly can be done with the available underground space? Or to put it another way: what is lacking in your apartment? Do you need your own workshop or do you prefer a private fitness room? Would you like to design an additional study on the lower floor and have a modern home office? Many options are open to you – everything would be possible from a work room to a hobby room to a children’s play room. Here it depends primarily on your priorities and personal needs, of course also on your financial possibilities. For stress-free and easy basement conversion, you can tap basement conversion specialists near your area.

Keller ausbauen

Make the right use of the basement and create your own private space below, where you can work completely undisturbed

Usually, a basement room has no or, in the best case, higher-lying windows. But do not let the dark room despair, because there are such design methods that can illuminate every square centimeter. Here light colors and the right lighting come into question. Choose wall colors in soft pastel tones, paint the ceiling white and you have a cozy basement apartment. Then you can choose light pieces of furniture or whatever you need there. Avoid the dark colors so that your underground four walls look wider and as light as possible.

Keller ausbauen – praktisches Klappbett

Think practical, design creatively! If no daylight can get into the basement, then you have to consider suitable lighting and use light shades.



And last but not least, you have to think about good ventilation underground when starting such an expansion project. The refuge of enough fresh air is vital here and makes the basement room habitable and cozy. This is the only way you can really feel at home in your basement, regardless of the functions you now assign to it.

We wish you every success and success in expanding your basement!

Keller gestalten organisieren Idee

Very often you can go directly from the basement apartment into the inner garden.

Keller einrichten und renovieren ideen

Correct, targeted lighting is a must in the hobby room on the bottom floor.

zimmer im keller einrichten wohnraum ideen

So that your basement apartment does not appear monotonous in gray, it would be advisable to add a few red accents.

zimmer im keller einrichten wohnraum modern ideen

Consider yourself lucky if you have windows in the basement. However, you need to combine natural light with suitable lighting.

Kellerraum wohnlich einrichten ideen

Make the most of the space and make the most of it!

keller einrichten spielraum

Playroom or relaxation area? What is more important to you!

kellerraum als wohnzimmer mit kleiner Bar

Avoid the dark color palette and prefer light colors in the basement.

keller einrichten grau

Here the decision was made for gray as the main color, but also for enough recessed spotlights.

Keller Modern Ausbau ideen Möbeldesign

Create a cozy underground club room? Yes, it is entirely possible.

Zimmer im Keller einrichten modern ideen

Set up your own personal corner on the bottom floor, where you can withdraw at any time.

Keller ausbauen Spielraum

Below you can have some leeway for you and your growing boys

keller wohnzimmer modern einrichten

Dark colors are not recommended in the basement as they could ruin the best renovation project

Keller Einrichten Ideen

Exposed beams and tubes could be integrated into the renovation project



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