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Experian Salary Ranges

Salary ranges for experian jobs differ depending on both city and position; however, in certain locations salaries often surpass national averages significantly.

San Buenaventura and Santa Clara in California rank among the top ten cities, where employees typically make an average of $10,519 more than the national salary average.

Early Life and Education

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Experian salaries differ depending on your location, with Minneapolis boasting top earners making $70,000 annually and the national average at $48,565. Based on ZipRecruiter data, here are 10 cities where experian salaries tend to be higher; please keep in mind all factors when estimating potential earnings.

Achievement and Honors

Including awards or honors won during your academic career can be an excellent way to highlight achievements and demonstrate that prospective employers find attractive. Students or graduates, in particular, may wish to add this information into the appropriate section of their CV; experienced applicants might find more appropriate approaches like including them within a professional summary or objective statement.

Considering Experian? Be sure to look through their reviews on Comparably. This will give you insight into their work environment and culture as well as any important details that could influence your decision before applying – such as benefits. Reviews also help you decide if the job is suitable for you!

Personal Life

Salary data reported by 907 Experian employees reported on Comparably indicates an average annual salary for an employee at Experian is $75,000. This equates to an hourly wage of $36.

ZipRecruiter utilizes millions of job postings daily across the nation in order to determine how much an employee at Experian makes, including information regarding salaries and benefits for various roles within their organization.

If you are interested in a specific role, simply click on its company name to view salary ranges for that role. Furthermore, you can explore similar industries and compare Experian salaries against those from these other firms to see if any differences exist between their pay at different locations; additionally you can see how salary variations by department and job title exist within one organization.

Net Worth

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