Factors You Must Consider While Choosing The Best Hair Extensions

Social media influencers and celebrities play a significant role in people’s lives. The appeal for long and exuberant hairdos comes from their styles. Moreover in most brand commercials, the hair is highlighted and is shown as long and silky smooth with the right volume, creating a bouncy effect.

However, not everyone has the correct volume or length to make the hairstyle of their choice. But your options do not end. You can use an extension to lengthen your hair, add volume, add a ponytail, or even add curls to your straight hair. So, you can use hair extensions to make any hairstyle you desire.

You can do many hairstyles if you choose the most suitable kind of extension. You do not have to wait months to achieve the desired hair length with extensions. Since choosing the proper one for your hair can be tricky, here are some factors you must consider while selecting the best hair extension.

The material from which the extensions are made from

While shopping for extensions, you have to decide between two kinds of materials used in making extensions – synthetic hair and natural hair.

It would be best to choose the one which is made from natural hair because they are the easiest to style and blend better with your natural hair. Moreover, when you select natural hair, you can treat them as you would treat your hair. You can style, curl, wash, straighten, and even cut the natural hair extensions.

Conversely, synthetic hair will stand out because it might not combine well with your natural hair texture and shine. Besides, these extensions can not be styled with heating tools, so you are stuck with only one type of hairstyle by opting for a synthetic extension.

While you may have to spend some extra money on natural hair, it is worth it in the long run. Many companies do not even offer extensions made from synthetic hair because they are of inferior quality. Therefore, choose the best variety.

hair extensions

How long do they last?

How long an extension would last depends on your purpose and how long you want to keep them. For instance, if you choose the permanent application method, extensions can stay in your hair for six to nine months. Extensions like hand-tied weft are common for those looking for a long-term solution.

You could also opt for semi-permanent ones because they are meant to be used for no longer than six to eight weeks. For instance, micro link extensions can last for only two to three months.

On the other hand, you can buy a temporary extension to clip onto your hair and remove it after a few hours of usage. Clip-on ones are the best temporary extensions in the market.

Types of extensions

The types of extensions are determined by the method of application. Here are some of the common variants.

  • Clip-on – You can wear these temporary extensions for only a few hours and remove them when you no longer desire to. It does not take much time for one to fix these extensions. You only have to attach the wefts to your base using the clips. No chemicals or heat are used in the process.
  • Sew-in – Herein, the hairstylist will make a track of your hair by making tiny and tight braids. After making the braids, the stylist will sew or weave the extensions into them.
  • Adhesive – The weft of the tape-in extension is glued onto the scalp using an adhesive strip. While it is a quick process and looks seamless, the main concern is that the adhesive and the heat can cause damage to your hair.


Extensions for hair are widely available nowadays. But there are some factors that you must consider when buying one for yourself. Ensure that you only buy natural ones as they are the best and look flawless.

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