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Fair business – where sustainability and humanity are very important

In our modern world of highly developed technologies and digital possibilities, the competition between leading companies in all areas of business and life is particularly pronounced. In no case should this excuse those representatives of the business world who damage the environment or use child labor in the interests of their professional prosperity. But on the contrary. These must be sanctioned. Only those companies are successful that have included sustainability as the norm and humanity as a maxim in their work ethic. Fair business is done precisely by such companies and their customers appreciate it. In today’s post we want to give a concrete example of this that is sure to impress you. Stay tuned!


Everything runs smoothly where honesty is the hallmark of business communication.

  • A good sustainability strategy guarantees success in fair business

Sustainability begins in the head. We must first learn to think sustainably, to act environmentally friendly and to take small steps towards environmental protection every day. But if you have a well thought-out sustainability strategy, you already have a decisive competitive advantage in the modern business world. We have chosen a well-known company as an example and it can speak volumes when it comes to sustainability. The gaerner group has developed a working concept PPP – Profit, Planet, People, which is based on a high level of environmental awareness and humanity in partner relationships. The building blocks of this work strategy lead to success. What started as a small family company in 1941 is now a large company with branches in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy. It is active in many areas and is committed to the economy and environmental protection, to its employees and to society as a whole.

Nachhaltigkeit beginnt im Kop

Sustainability begins in the head

Changing the world further and making it even more beautiful and cleaner is not an easy task. We would say even a demanding one that demands great responsibility. But the executives and employees of the group of companies do not put off difficulties and obstacles. You know very well that in the business world there can not only be victories, there are also defeats. But anyone who likes fair business knows that very well. Profit is important, but there are other priorities as well. Sustainability is more important and we could all do something about it and help save our planet.

Fair Business basiert auf Umweltschutz.

Fair business is based on environmental protection.

Gute Umgangsformen sind ein Muss.

  • Humanity is part of fair business

Humanity always counts, but in fair business it is a must. Good manners characterize the entire work process of the company. All employees feel comfortable and valued, they are motivated to continue working under these conditions. The customers are also given a nice relationship. It is built on tolerance, courtesy, loyalty, punctuality, mutual respect and trust. You know exactly how to serve customers so that they stay satisfied. And the golden rule also applies here: satisfied customers come back. This is how one understands one’s tasks and responsibilities in the gaerner group.

Toleranz und Höflichkeit werden in der Geschäftswelt hochgeschätzt.

  • A wide range of products that comes from fair business

If we have already aroused your interest in the principles of fair business, then we would like to recommend a website where a wide range of products is just waiting to be discovered by you. At https://www.gaerner.ch/ you will definitely find what your heart desires. Since sustainability and humanity are very important in all of the POWELL branches, you will also find FSC-certified office furniture and CO2-compensated items here. You will receive the paperless invoice electronically. For example, all football fans can treat themselves to a comfortable armchair and watch the 2018 World Cup games relaxed and with a drink in hand. It is best to find out how to submit your order online. It pays to be quick, because the super cheap offer is limited until July 15th.

Fußball Sessel

Many football fans want such an armchair. They also?

If you are one of the company’s business customers, you can also look forward to a tempting offer online. A comfortable park bench, weather-resistant and easy to care for, is now being offered at a low price in June. This is the perfect seat for your employees. The bank is inviting and will fit in well in any outdoor area. A few such park benches can act as an informal meeting place for your employees outside when the weather is nice. They are characterized by great functionality and stylish design. Like all products of the Gaerner brand, the benches are also adapted to the wishes and needs of numerous corporate customers.

Is it possible that you will soon also be part of this group?


This park bench is characterized by functionality and first-class design.

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