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Farm-style bathrooms offer freshness and serenity

The bathroom is no longer just a small space for personal hygiene and body care. Now it is mostly accepted as a cozy ambience where you can always find pure relaxation, successful stress relief and inner harmony. As in all other rooms at home, there are numerous possibilities and limitless ideas on how to design your own bathroom. The styles go from the chic contemporary bathroom to a rustic style to the super modern and luxurious dream bathrooms. Since we cannot deal with all the design options in one article, we took a close look at the farm-style bathroom today and found great examples of pictures for cozy bathrooms, which at the same time show all the advantages of a modern bathroom, but have the charm of bygone times. They look so romantic that you could fall in love with a farm-style bathroom like this.

modernes Badezimmer gestalten

A farm-style bathroom combines rural charm with modern style

Farm style is popular with millions of people around the world and is preferred to luxury over modern furnishings. This style is also in demand in the bathroom. Typically in farm style, the claw-foot bathtub is right in the center of the bathroom and expresses the nostalgia of the house owners for good, but bygone times. The rough color palette sets the tone here, a lot of wood is combined with roughly worked tiles. Of course, it could happen that a barn door steals the show in this rustic bathroom and constantly deserves all the attention. These design elements in farm style create a calming, time-tested ambience, where everyone likes to immerse themselves in a warm bath and relax completely.

Now let’s move on to our bathroom examples that highlight different elements of the farmhouse style. You can draw new ideas from the photo gallery below and freshen up your bathroom with farm-style elements. Stick with it!

Bad Bauernhofstil Badewanne

A farm-style bathroom is always sunny and warm and exudes freshness and serenity!

Say yes to the open shelves in the bathroom!
Simple wooden boards (possibly painted white) can look very useful in the bathroom. They offer plenty of open storage space for several small items that we need in the bathroom. Even for beautiful indoor plants, such as a wonderfully blooming orchid on it. Candlesticks, glasses with cosmetics, vases, pictures can all find their right place there. And take another look at the picture, please! You will definitely see the cute white café curtains that add to the country charm of this bathroom. But that does not end the design elements in the farm style. The white bathtub with the claw feet is the definitive highlight here. The antique faucet above adds another stylish touch to the ambience, which simply invites you to the next bathroom.

Rustikal eingerichtetes Badezimmer

In the rustic bathroom you can put hand and bath towels on display

Show your hand and bath towels
In a farm-style bathroom, hand and bath towels are allowed to hang on hooks. That doesn’t disturb the view, on the contrary, the hooks are accepted as a good storage option. An old wooden stool and colorfully patterned carpet complete the rural look.

Eklektisch Wohnen in einem Bauernhof antiker Schrank grün

This antique cabinet got a second chance in the bathroom

Give old furniture a second chance
A lot of rural charm radiates from this antique cabinet, which got a second chance in the bathroom. Its green shade is reminiscent of seaweed and algae, so that the old piece of furniture stands out wonderfully in this white ambience and is a great eye-catcher there. On its open shelves there are family photos next to fresh towels, and an antique water jug ​​above looks like the icing on the cake in this bathroom!

rustikale möbel badmöbel

Try to combine rustic and modern elements in your farm-style bathroom

Rustic meets modern
As you have surely noticed in our photos, a mix of rustic and modern design elements is definitely possible in the farm-style bathroom. For example, the walls can be covered with wood and then decorated. A free-standing bathtub stands on the tiled floor, directly opposite the modern shower cubicle. From the bathtub you can always look at the rural outdoor area outside and enjoy the peace and quiet. Bathing here is undoubtedly a wonderful experience.

Badewanne Badezimmermöbel Holz Glaswand Dusche

Classic in farm style – that is represented in this stylishly furnished bathroom

Farm-style classic
From the cast iron faucet to the free-standing claw-foot bathtub and wooden bathroom furniture to the shower cubicle, everything here is classic in farm style. The faucet is next to the bathtub, the tiled wall and tiles in the shower cubicle attract attention and the glass wall is the dove in this classic, rustic bathroom design.

Photo 6: The barn door invites you to enter the farm-style bathroom

Title: Bathroom farm style barn door vanity wood mirror wall light modern wash basin

Are you open to new ideas?
There are numerous ways to introduce rural elements into bathroom design. The most typical is certainly to integrate an old barn door into this interior. In the bathroom you can still see a wooden washstand that houses two modern washbasins. On the wall next to it hangs an antique mirror with a decorated frame in white, which can be paired with the wall lamp.

So much rural charm is tempting and lets your soul dangle, isn’t it? Take some time and look at our next picture examples and be inspired for a bath in farm style!

We hope you enjoy browsing!

Badewanne weißer Marmor Holzhocker

Enjoy the perfect relaxation in your farm-style bathroom

Moderne Badgestaltung

In a farm-style bathroom you could mix different textures, like here wood and marble create an enchanting look

Holz Waschtisch Körbe

A lot of wood was used here in the bathroom design, and rightly so!

Duschkabine Glaswand Holz

The shower cubicle is separated from the rest of the farm-style bathroom by a glass wall

interessante Tapete bunte Vögel Zweige Holzwaschtisch Spiegel Blumen

Badewanne Löwenfüße Holzboden Holzhocker

Wandverkleidung Nische Waschtisch Holz Spiegel Bauernhofstil

Waschtisch Holz runder Spiegel Bad

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