Faster at the toll station with video toll

Many Germans drive through Austria on their car trip to Italy. Unfortunately, in addition to the motorway vignette on most “tourist routes”, the motorway operator ASFINAG also describes them as “particularly expensive routes”, for example mountain motorways special toll due. Depending on the route, this varies and must be paid separately from the vignette.

There are currently the following routes in Austria for which a special toll must be paid: (as of May 2018)

  • (EUR 5.50)
  • (EUR 9)
  • A 10 Tauern autobahn (EUR 11.50)
  • (EUR 10)
  • A 11 Karawanken southbound (EUR 7.20)
  • A 13 Brenner autobahn / total (9.50 EUR)

Each special toll station has its own toll station. At peak times, such as the start of a holiday, there are corresponding traffic jams, often with long waiting times for the driver. You can pay in cash or by credit card – some machines even accept German EC cards.

The recommendation for special toll routes: Pay the toll at home before you start your journey! That works with the so-called “video toll“. You can buy the virtual ticket directly on the ASFINAG homepage under “Buy video toll”. It works like this:

  1. Select desired route and number of trips
  2. Enter the license plate number of the vehicle (BA ML 9023 simply becomes BAML9023, without hyphens or special characters!)
  3. For example, pay directly online with a credit card
  4. The number plate is now saved for the journey
  5. It is best to use at the toll station the green marked lane “video toll” – there is usually almost no queue here and you drive past everyone who is waiting. (The number plate is scanned and the barrier opens fully automatically)
  6. Video toll also works on all other open lanes (also GO lane, this is reserved for trucks)

Like driving through the Schönberg toll station (from the Inntal Autobahn to the Brenner Autobahn) via video toll or credit card looks, we also show in this video:


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