Fatality: Katie Amelia Hodgson dies on Hunt the Wolf

Katie Amelia Hodgson mourns the tragic death of the 24-year-old British Hunt the Wolf pilotThere was a fatal accident on Thursday, April 11, 2019, at the ‘Hunt the Wolf’ rally in Romania: On the descent from ‘Killer Hill’, 24-year-old British woman Katie Amelia Hodgson rolled forward and was hit by of their Can-Am Renegade. With a gradient of around 70 percent, the Killer Hill is one of the most difficult sections of the wolf hunt in Romania and is known for spectacular accidents. According to the statement of the organizer Oliver Renzler, the road book prescribed this passage exclusively for the ascent for the professional class ‘Extreme’; the crossover class, in which Katie competed with other experienced amateurs, had a slightly different, less dangerous route; Oliver Renzler cannot explain why Katie chose the ‘Extreme’ route.

13. CF Moto Hunt the Wolf: “Almost suicidal”

From April 8th to 13th, 2019 the 13th edition of the cult race in the north-west of Transylvania / Romania took place; sponsored by CF Moto led the route around the village of Sacuieu. Four classes started:

  • Extreme: professional class with the highest degree of difficulty
  • Crossover: class for experienced amateurs
  • Adventure: Class with a lower level of difficulty
  • side-by-side class

CF Moto Hunt the Wolf is one of the toughest pure ATV races in the world, the motto of the Fatality: Katie Amelia Hodgson dies in Hunt the Wolf 2019 - dramatic rescue attempts on the extremely steep 'Killer Hill'.  Image © Oliver Renzler describes events with the words: “International, pure ATV races are rare, and they are almost suicidally difficult even rarer.” The danger of the race, however, has meanwhile also been recognized by the professionals from the extreme class: The Romanian pilot Radu Lungu, who has been one of the leaders at this event in previous years, refused to take part this year on the grounds that in the past he had been met by drivers from the crossover class at Killer Hill and that it was simply too dangerous for him.

CF Moto Hunt the Wolf 2019: fatal accident

The fatal accident at CF Moto Hunt the Wolf 2019 happened during the competition. Katie Hodgson had come to Romania with her husband, both passionate about extreme sports, to take part in this year’s wolf hunt in Transylvania. On a 70 percent incline dubbed ‘Killer Hill,’ Katie slipped, lost control of her Can-Am Renegade, rolled forward and was eventually crushed by her own ATV. According to Fatality: Katie Amelia Hodgson dies at Hunt the Wolf 2019 - crushed by her own Can-Am Renegade after a head-on rollover.  Image © to the Romanian news service Observer, the area was not monitored, the nearest ambulance post was around 10 kilometers away, so Katie, who was still responsive after her rollover, had to wait around 15 minutes for medical help. Her husband tried desperately to relieve her pain until the rescuers, with enormous effort, reached the scene of the accident on the steep slope and were able to administer first aid to the 24-year-old. A helicopter then came to help relatively quickly, but doctors were unable to revive Katie Hodgson after she arrived at the hospital. Her death was declared at 6 p.m. As a result, the Hunt-the-Wolf pilots voted against continuing the race, so the race was stopped.
On the same day, CF Moto Hunt the Wolf 2019 saw two other serious accidents; two competitors from Belgium and the Czech Republic were injured and taken to hospital, one Renegade burned out. Organizer Oliver Renzler takes no blame and emphasizes that the athletes took part in the dangerous race at their own risk. Official investigations are currently underway, in which the organization is in the sights. x

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