Felbertauernstraße: toll and information

The Felbertauernstraße can be seen as an inexpensive alternative to the Brenner and Tauern autobahns that is nice to drive. It connects Mittersill in the north with Matrei in Osttirol. The Felbertauernstraße is 63 kilometers long, well developed for heavy traffic and offers some very beautiful panoramas. The most important part is the 5.3 km long Felbertauern Tunnel. All information about tolls and payment:


Without vignette, but 11 EUR toll

Felbertauernstrasse is operated by Felbertauernstrasse AG, not ASFINAG, which operates most of the roads in Austria. That’s why the tunnel can without vignette be driven through, but it still has to be one Toll from currently 11 EUR (as of April 2016, single journey) must be paid.

Tip: ADAC discounts on the outward and return journey

If you are coming from the north, the toll is paid after you have passed through the Felbertauern tunnel. The toll station is at the southern end directly after the tunnel. Here you can pay in cash or with all credit cards. In our experience, the counter is always manned and there are no machines. (All tariffs at a glance). You can save money if you live in Germany ADAC presale who uses toll tickets: Here you can book the outward and return journey (can only be booked together with the ADAC) Pay in advance for only 20 euros and you save 2 euros. The purchased ADAC toll ticket is then simply scanned at the toll station. The return journey can be made on any date after the outward journey, no date has to be specified for any of the journeys. In addition, the ticket is not tied to a vehicle or license plate number. Incidentally, there is no video toll at the toll station.

Felbertauernstrasse north side

Felbertauernstrasse north side

Up to the north portal free of charge

The Felbertauernstraße has two lanes on steep inclines, which is why trucks can be overtaken easily, safely and quickly. The ascent through the mountains coming from the north to the north portal of the tunnel is particularly beautiful. Traveling along the Felbertauernstraße is free of charge up to the tunnel (and no further!), as the toll is only paid at the southern end of the tunnel. Theoretically (and very carefully) you could turn around again at the place in front of the tunnel entrance if you just want to see the route. The tunnel is driven through oncoming traffic – you should be careful here and never try to turn. The maximum height of the road is at the south portal of the tunnel 1,630 meters of altitude achieved.

2013 new bend on the south side of the tunnel

2013 new bend on the south side of the tunnel

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