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Feng Shui for the bedroom: where is the best place for the bed?

The bedroom is the room in which we spend most of our lives. Therefore, it should above all serve as a place of rest and relaxation and enable restful sleep. With Feng Shui, a relaxation room can be optimally designed, which ensures a healthy and restful night’s sleep. Here are some basic principles for doing it!


Without a doubt, the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. According to Feng Shui rules, it should have as few metal parts as possible and, ideally, no spring mattress because of its strong magnetic coupling.

the-bed-is-the-most-important-piece of furniture-in-the-bedroom

The head of the bed should be against the protected wall to create a feeling of security. If that is not possible, a high headboard can help. Furthermore, the bed should not stand directly in the flow of energy between the door and window, as otherwise an energetic flow is created. If this cannot be prevented, the window should be closed with an opaque curtain at night. During the day, sunlight should get into the room, because this brings the life energy Chi into the room. Nevertheless, the bed should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as this can cause problems when falling asleep. The bed should be at least one and a half meters from the window, as this draws the chi outwards. If it is too close, the person lying there is also “pulled out of the window”, which creates nervousness.

the-bed-should-be-at least-one-and-a-half-meter-away-from-the-window

Heavy shelves, picture frames or lights above the headboard can disrupt restful sleep and should therefore be avoided. It is similar with ceiling joists, because they can appear overwhelming or even threatening. If it is not otherwise possible, the beams should be provided with a canopy or something similar. Sharp edges that point towards the bed should also be softened with gently flowing bed linen or duvets.

The cardinal points play an important role in Feng Shui teaching. It is no different when it comes to positioning the bed, as a good sleeping alignment should be found. So all people who belong to the Eastern group should always sleep with their heads facing north, east, south or south-east. For all people from the West Group, the ideal orientation of the head is towards the northeast, northwest, west or southwest.


The calculation of group membership is very easy. The last two numbers of your own year of birth are added up. Women then add 5 to it. If the result has two digits, both numbers are added together again. For men, the formula is: 10 minus the addition value of the year of birth. If the result for both genders is 9,1,3 or 4, then you belong to the Eastern group. The west group is characterized by the result 2,6,7 or 8. Then the bed can be aligned accordingly.



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