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Feng Shui in the bedroom – decorate the bedroom according to the principles of Feng Shui

Good feng shui always looks good. The rule of thumb in the Chinese art of furnishing the bedroom is: less is often more!
The bedroom should be kept clear and uncluttered. Closed cupboards as well as selected, matching pieces of furniture help to create a place of rest and relaxation. Curtains and blinds will also help.


In Feng Shui, sleep is mainly associated with the Yin energy, which manifests itself in silence, darkness and calm, among other things. This is why, in most cases, large indoor plants and fountains, while beautiful, are not part of the bedroom. You spread too much Yang energy, which means activity and is not wanted in the relaxation room.
If there is a mirror in the bedroom, under no circumstances should it stand or hang across from the bed. Otherwise it will interfere with healthy sleep. There is constant reflection that creates too much Yang energy.

The bedroom should be kept clear and uncluttered

A relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom can be achieved wonderfully with colors and materials. Soft white, gentle brown, warm natural tones as well as all neutral colors and shades with low color saturation will bring peace and relaxation to the bedroom. You should do without gloomy colors, bright red and lush green. Hard materials and angular pieces of furniture are also out of place in the bedroom. The use of natural materials is recommended because they contain fewer pollutants. Light curtains, bedspreads and pillows quickly created a cozy atmosphere in the room. A slightly cool color scheme creates a relaxing feel-good climate that ensures a deep and restful sleep. Candles, blankets, flowers and pillows give the bedroom a romantic and cozy flair at the same time.



pillows-give-the-bedroom-a-romantic-and-cozy-flair-at the same time

do not put-a-mirror-opposite-the-bed

Colors with low color saturation bring calm to the bedroom


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