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Feng Shui in the house: mirrors and their positioning

The mirrors play an important role in interior design according to the Chinese Feng Shui teaching. Placed in the right place in the home, they affect the wealth of the whole family. How do you attract this positive energy into your own home? Read on to find out more about it!


Positive energy feng shui kitchen mirror

Mirror surfaces balance the fire energy in the room, they are often placed above the stove

Room furnishing kitchen mirror activate energy

Mirror effect in the corner of this modern kitchen-living room

The kitchen area is associated with wealth and opulence. Because of this, the mirrors are especially important in this room. If you put a wall mirror over the stove, you would look forward to more success in life.


Energy flow activate mirror sleeping area

A mirror positioned opposite the bed is a daring step according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui mirrors improve bedroom wellbeing

Reflections can disturb sleep, so cover the mirror surface at night

In the sleeping area you should relax and recharge your batteries. It is therefore advisable not to place mirrors opposite the bed. Better to attach a mirror surface to the inside of the wardrobe door. Thus, the filigree flow of energy in this room is not disturbed.

Living and dining room

Mirror meaning living space reflective

Placed opposite the window, the glass plates draw the energy from the outside object into the house

Glass top lucrative positioning living room

Direct the flow of energy into the living room with a cleverly positioned mirror

A mirror opposite the windows catches and distributes the positive energy from outside. If your living room is above a garage or basement, a downward-facing, reflective surface would be lucrative. The negative energy could then not get into your home.


Bathroom mirror placement reinforce life energy

The bathroom mirror is ideal when it is not positioned opposite the door

Bathroom mirror harmonize surroundings

According to Feng Shui, the glass plate should be surrounded by a wooden or metal frame

The wall mirrors in the bathroom compensate for the incoming energy. So bring a large mirror on the inside or outside of the bathroom door. According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, a mirror in the bathroom would keep the harmonious influence of the energy in the living space.

In addition to being in the correct position, the mirror does not have to have any scratches or cracks. Clean it regularly and supply a wooden or metal frame to bring happiness back home!

Increase the feeling of wellbeing Mirror surface Feng Shui living room

A mirror with a harmonious, round shape makes the family prosperous

Round wall mirror hallway effect

Placing a mirror surface in the hallway is beneficial, but should not be opposite the door.

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