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Feng Shui in the kitchen: which kitchen design is the best?

In a Feng Shui kitchen, the two elements fire and water should not be directly next to each other or directly opposite each other. Otherwise the harmony in the room is easily lost and conflicts arise. For this reason it is very important to find the right place for the sink (water) in relation to the stove (fire).

If it is not otherwise possible and the sink in your kitchen is next to or opposite the stove, you can defuse the conflict between the two elements fire and water with the help of a third element, namely wood. Nourishes in the teaching of the five elements water wood. wood in turn nourishes Fire and if All three elements are present, there is harmony.

However, you should not confuse the element wood with the material wood. Wood as an element is represented in Feng Shui by living plants and herbs, the color green and objects that are taller than wide, such as columns. A green carpet between the stove and sink, which are exactly opposite one another, mitigates the conflict between the two elements and provides the necessary balance.

In Feng Shui teaching, pointed corners and sharp edges are to be avoided because they disrupt the life energy. This also applies to the kitchen equipment. Rounded or at least beveled edges are recommended. The same goes for the dining table. A round table takes up a little more space than a rectangular one, but it promotes communication and happy togetherness. Cleverly positioned green plants and gently flowing fabrics defuse the unfavorable effect of the already existing pointed edges.

Good feng shui always looks good, just like Order and Cleanliness. This is of particular importance for the undisturbed and harmonious flow of life energy in the kitchen. It is best if all the small kitchen gadgets are neatly stowed away in closed cupboards and drawers. This is especially true for pointed objects such as knives, because they symbolize the risk of injury. Unpleasant smells should be avoided in all rooms, because they are considered to be the generator of bad chi. It should therefore be ventilated regularly and the rubbish bins should be emptied once too much rather than once too little.

Stone or tile flooring is best for a kitchen. They symbolize the element earth, which in turn forms an optimal balance to the elements fire, water, wood and metal and ensures harmony between the five elements.



a-round-dining-table-demands-communication-and-the-joy-with-each other




according to feng-shui, angular-edges-in-all-rooms-are-to-be-avoided


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