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Feng Shui in the living room

Come in and feel good! That should be the motto when it comes to the design of the living room in your own four walls. Because the whole family gathers in this room and guests are usually received here. Therefore it is not at all wrong to create a harmonious and atmospheric ambience in the living room. Feng Shui helps you to make this room harmonious, inviting and comfortable. We would be happy to tell you what that means in detail!
According to Feng Shui, it is best if the living room occupies a central place in the house and apartment. The first room after the entrance is well suited for a living room. Ideally, it is also the largest room in the house. Small living rooms can be optically enlarged with mirrors, white walls and well-proportioned furnishings. However, glass fronts that are too large and windows opposite a door are unfavorable because too much energy is lost as a result. Fortunately, this flow of energy can be defused with the help of plants, lamps, furniture and home accessories.
The middle of the living room should be as free as possible and optically emphasized. A soft round carpet or a large, also round ornament in the floor covering would be wonderful. Seating should have its back against the wall and not in the line between the door and the window. Their arrangement in the form of a square or rectangle, as well as around a table or fireplace is the best choice. Tall, massive cabinets and wall units appear heavy and disrupt the harmony, especially if they are only on one side of the room.
The balance between light and dark has a positive effect on the human organism, which is why lighting in the living room is very important. With light effects, liveliness and harmony can be achieved at the same time. Small islands of light and spots put furniture and home accessories wonderfully in the limelight. Candlelight can be used to create a gentle and relaxing atmosphere in the evening.
A cozy ambience is achieved with colors and materials. Broken white as well as all earth and pastel tones radiate calm and cosiness in the teaching of Feng Shui. With a few color accents and unobtrusive patterns in the colors yellow, red, green, turquoise, beige and crème, they will shine even more vividly and happily. Plants, flowers and other natural elements give liveliness and freshness and should not be missing in any living room.




Die Mitte des Wohnzimmers sollte möglichst frei sein und optisch betont werden







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