Film Migrator from Offroad Busters

The Fim Migrator is a mini caravan that has been specially designed for off-road use. With only 750 kg braked, it is a small, light trailer for almost every class of vehicle.

Fim Migrator from Offroad Busters: Outdoor Fun

Offroad Busters Fim Migrator: 3 variations are available“It’s also fun with the Outlander 650,” says Marcel Ziehr from Offroad Busters, who points out that the towing capacity is already at its maximum. He further points out that Offroad Busters: sleep well film Migratorthe Fim Migrator is available in 3 variants: Basic, Summer and Offroad. The equipment features include: AL-KO-AAA Premium Brake (self-adjusting brakes), hydraulic wheel shock absorbers, automatic reverse, rear lights with LED technology and electric coupling plug for the towing vehicle (13-pin). Fim Migrator by Offroad Busters: independent even when eating“At 25 mm, the insulation is enormous for this caravan class,” assures Marcel. Each caravan comes with an autark package including LED lighting, 110 AH battery, Midi Heki and 2 sleeping places.
It is made entirely of GRP in Bucharest. There are no limits to the options – such as a diesel-powered auxiliary heater or a kitchen in the rear with a gas cooker and fresh water. Incidentally, 120 kg can also be accommodated on the roof.


The Fim Migrator Basic is available from a retail price of 14,790. The Summer is available from 16,990 euros and the Offroad from 18,990 euros. chk

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