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Find the right side table for your living room

The room in which we spend many hours has to fulfill many functions. For example, the living room offers seating as well as storage space and an artistic room design. A homely atmosphere can never come about without the right home accessories. Designers advise adding a decorative side table as an accent to your home furnishings.

Side table made of metal with mirror surface coffee table living room

Side table made of metal with mirror surface

The coffee tables can be easily combined with other furniture and materials. This will give your home a touch of uniqueness. The result will impress not only you, but also your guests.

Abstract modern side table in metal coffee table living room

Side table made of metal – abstract in design, modern with its presence

The be-all and end-all of the modern living room table
You could find any type of side table on the market: from modern, contemporary to traditional or vintage models. As an accessory, the table sets an excellent accent in the room. The choice of materials is also huge, although most manufacturers prefer glass, wood, or metal.
Wooden tables are considerable in appearance and add a vintage flair to the respective room. From an ecological perspective, this choice of material is not for everyone because of the trees being felled. If you still want a wooden table for the living room, you could have old wood recycled.
Other materials such as metal or glass look extremely elegant. Often these models are flexible and changeable. They could play the role of a bar cart or be used as a coffee table in everyday life. Take a look at our variants in the picture gallery.

Decorative vintage side table living room

Decorative side table in vintage style

Solid wood coffee table living room

Solid wood table

Simple wooden table with metal leg coffee table living room

Simple wooden table with metal feet

Modern glass accent piece and metal coffee table living room

Modern accent piece made of glass and metal

Wooden table cube modern side table living room

Modern wooden table in cube shape

Functional side table made of metal coffee table living room

Functional side table made of metal

Flexible side table on roller coffee table living room

Flexible side table on castors

Designer accent piece cube coffee table living room

Designer accent piece in cube shape

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