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Fitness in your own four walls

In modern society there is a tendency to move more and more public activities into one’s own four walls. The trend is called “homing” or “cocooning” and has a fashionable influence on the design of living spaces. The balcony becomes a bright living room, the bathroom a relaxing wellness temple and the kitchen a private gourmet restaurant. The gym is also brought home.

Home fitness equipment, wall mirror fitness equipment

Home fitness equipment

Inspired by this, the interior designers have directed their creative endeavors towards a new, free niche, namely designer fitness equipment. In addition to excellent technology and modern functionality, the sports equipment from Technogym also offers something stylish for the eye.

Home fitness machine, table, bookshelf, armchair fitness machine

Home fitness device

Home fitness, Kinesis personal fitness machine

Exercising at home is now entirely possible

The famous Italian designer Antonio Citterio developed one of the most beautiful and unique fitness equipment from Technogym – the so-called Kinesis Personal. The device is very effective because it offers over 200 different options for strength, endurance and flexibility training and is at the same time a stylish addition to any home furnishings. It looks like a noble mirror.

Bedroom, home fitness machine fitness machine

Many sports fans also want to equip their bedroom with home fitness equipment

Living room, home fitness, Kinesis personal fitness machine

Home Fitness Kinesis Personal

Since the development of the first home fitness equipment, Technogym’s range has expanded widely, so that today there is a wide variety of equipment to choose from, which in addition to their main options also offer some high-tech ancillary options, such as iPod, USB ports, digital television and many other.

Where you will place the modern fitness equipment is up to your free choice, because with their stylish design they will go perfectly with every room.

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