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Flameless candles: uncomplicated, safe and varied

People have an ancient relationship with candles. In the past, candles were lit in the cave and people gathered around the fire. This tradition has been preserved in our homes to this day. Nowadays we also like to sit by the fireplace and by candlelight with family and friends.

Dripping candle wax can spoil the table or even the table. It even happens, a distracted host doesn’t notice that the candles are burning deeply, getting hot, or being near something flammable. This is what the flameless candles are designed for: a large assortment, security and style in every room. Here are some ideas for you:

Romantic candlelight dinner

Happy faces around the table, lit by candlelight: that’s what you like to imagine. The Metallic Gold Pillars fit particularly well. Put the candles at different heights for a breathtaking effect. On white linen with white dishes, they would make a distinctive impression.

The Taupe distressed Flameless Pillars Candles look wonderful on a rustic wooden tray, adorned with plants or leaves. With the flameless candles you would not have to think about a possible fire risk.

In addition, you could get a remote control. In addition to being switched on and off, the LED light can also be dimmed or brightened, for example.

Dinner in a casual atmosphere

Are you planning to have dinner with friends once a week at home? It can be very relaxed and still amusing and eventful. You can create this ambience with the pure Smooth ivory pillars or the dark red candles for a more dramatic look Mottled pecan use. These stylish variants “burn” for several hours – around 450 per battery. Only up close can you actually see that these are not natural candles. These could also be lit in summer, they do not generate any heat. The sizes are freely selectable.

Breakfast lit with candles

Do you just associate the candles with the night? Not anymore, because flickering candles are a good solution anytime. They can also be used in the morning to relax and drink coffee. The tender one Seashell white candle would go perfectly with it. There are those for more mood Forest shade green. A real bestseller!

Green Candle in Mason Jar- Flameless Candles

Green candle in mason jar

LED candles in ivory-Flameless candles

LED candles in ivory

Metallic Gold LED Candles - Flameless Candles

Metallic gold LED candles

Burgundy candles with remote control flameless candles

Wine red candles with remote control

White candle with shells LED flameless candles

White candle with shells LED

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