Flashed with the rental car. What to do?

Especially when you get an upgrade to a high-horsepower model from the car rental company, it sometimes happens very quickly: you didn’t “notice” the speed and you are ran into a speed trap.

With a rental car, that’s no problem at all: The responsible police authority or the responsible city asks the owner of the vehicle by number plate, which can be seen on the photo. This is usually the car rental. The car rental company then receives a letter from the responsible authority asking for information about the driver. The car rental company then gives the authority the address of the renter. (That’s why the car rental companies also record the exact pick-up and drop-off times) The authorities then send the so-called hearing form or the notice of the warning/fine to this address.
So for you as a driver it makes no difference, whether you were flashed with your private car or a rental car.

disadvantage, if you are flashed in the rental car: The car rental companies have an additional administrative burden, since they have to identify the tenant for the respective time and usually charge a service fee of between 8 and max. 20 EUR for this.

tip: Of course, the car rental company can only tell the authorities who rented the vehicle, not who exactly was driving. If, for example on a business trip, you were no longer sure which of the various drivers was driving, write a short letter/fax to the authorities and ask them to send you the photographic evidence. It doesn’t cost any more and – if desired – also delays the payment.

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