Flexible transport: Algema and Fitzel aluminum trailers

When developing the Algema and Fitzel aluminum trailers, not only modern materials were used, but also practical solutions. The aim is to produce light, robust and practical transport systems. As one of the leading suppliers, Eder Fahrzeug und Maschinenbau GmbH continuously invests in the development of trailers for its Algema and Fitzel brands. One of the special strengths of Eder GmbH lies in the decades of experience with the material aluminum. The Fitzel Euro and the Algema AT are particularly suitable for transporting ATVs and quads.

Algema and Fitzel aluminum trailers: development and product characteristics

Algema and Fitzel aluminum trailers: light, robust and practicalMore than 1,400 trailers leave the assembly halls in Tuntenhausen, Bavaria, and Kematen an der Krems, Austria, to be used throughout Europe. “Our trailers are designed like a high-quality automobile – the only thing they lack is the motorization,” explains Hubert Gasperlmair, Sales Manager. The development not only relies on modern materials, but also practice-oriented solutions. Among other things, Eder GmbH is the inventor of the ramp-less tipping chassis in trailer construction. “Our tipping chassis are ready for loading in eight seconds,” emphasizes Gasperlmair, according to whom the combination of payload, handling and ease of use of the Algema and Fitzel aluminum trailers is unrivaled. The close contact that is maintained with the customers is also responsible for this. β€œThe handling and operation of the products is constantly being improved and revised in detail. This often happens as a result of suggestions from everyday use.” This is also reflected in the product range.

Algema AT: with articulated chassis and swing axles

A specific feature of the AT series is the lightning-fast and independent charging process, for which no charging rails are required. Thanks to the articulated chassis, the loading area can be lowered in just a few seconds. By dispensing with heavy subframes, the overall weight is reduced and the payload increased. When lowering the platform, the rear lights swing out automatically. This ensures optimal protection from traffic behind. The aluminium-steel compound construction makes the trailer type a valuable piece of equipment in everyday work. The frame of the AT is also available in a modified form as a box trailer with side walls and a floor made of plywood.
The special features of the AT series include the swing axles with 100 percent load compensation. Independent wheel suspension and wishbones ensure secure road holding and a continuous vertical load on the towing vehicle. The optional lift device on the rear axle enables easy manual maneuvering. The wide range of accessories, such as an electric cable winch or the crash lift, means that the right solution can be offered for different requirements.

Fitzel Euro: self-tilting

The Fitzel Euro is made entirely of aluminum and is self-tilting. It is equipped with aluminum loading rails, which can be easily pulled out and slid sideways and fitted with a central locking system. The aluminum wheel stop brackets are also adjustable. The trapezoidal wheel safety belts can be hooked in at more than 50 lashing points. No savings have been made on the lighting either: in addition to large round tail lights, reversing lights and rear fog lights, the Fitzel Euro also has clearance lights and position lights. Additional equipment includes a strong commercial jockey wheel with safety chain and a diameter of 60 mm. There is also a shunting support roller at the front of the drawbar. A bracket for mounting a shock absorber for 100 km/h approval is also in the range.

Fitzel Duo, Unitrans and Eurotrans: the big ones

Algema and Fitzel aluminum trailer: aluminum trailer duoThe Fitzel series Duo is particularly suitable for accommodating two vehicles. The trailer, which is up to 8.3 meters long, offers the longest transport solution in this class. The lightweight, all-aluminum construction enables payloads of up to 3.5 tons to be transported – with a permissible total weight of 4,500 kilograms – and ensures energy-saving use. Movable drive-on ramps also allow vehicles with narrow gauges to be picked up. In addition, optional loading rails are available for an even flatter drive-on angle. Here, too, the frame parts and the platform are painted. The trailer is also suitable for long load requirements, such as those found in carpentry and metalworking shops. A wide range of accessories such as aluminum or plastic intermediate floors, manual or electric winches and drive-over devices are available at any time.
The Unitrans series was designed for universal use in transporting mobile homes, vans with long wheelbases as well as lattice boxes, panels and similar goods. These Fitzel brand trailers are equipped with a tridem axle as standard and can be tilted hydraulically. The payload of the trailer, which can also be supplied with a box or tarpaulin body, is more than 2.5 tons, depending on the equipment.
With the Fitzel Eurotrans, the Eder Group presents a newly developed generation of trailers with a payload of up to 2,850 kg. This is ensured by the particularly light all-aluminum construction with self-tilting mechanism. Safe driving behavior is guaranteed by the low loading height from 58 cm. Thanks to a special mechanism, the Eurotrans is self-tilting, with or without a towing vehicle, which, together with the low ramp angle of 7.5 degrees, enables safe loading and unloading. The other optional equipment features also include the Eder pendulum axle, which is intended to offer 100% load balancing. The lifting axle makes it possible to save fuel when driving empty.


For the Algema and Fitzel aluminum trailers, the retail price is the same worldwide, plus country-specific export and customs costs. The entry-level model, the Fitzel Euro, is available from a retail price of 6,500 euros; the Algema AT is available from 9,000 euros. If you want one of the big trailers, you can get one from a retail price of 13,000 euros. chk

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