Floating off-roader from Russia: Sherp ATV

The Russian-made Sherp ATV is an exciting mix of amphibious vehicle and off-roader. With huge balloon tires Sherp ATV: inventor Alexei Garagashyan wanted to get ahead in the swamps of northern Russiathe Sherp ATV cuts a fine figure on any terrain, whether on land or on water, and despite its low 44 hp. The vehicle was invented by a car mechanic from St. Petersburg named Alexei Garagashyan, and he had in mind getting ahead in the swamps in northern Russia – in summer they are actually impenetrable: Neither on foot nor with conventional land or water vehicles can you get there conquer the bottomless moorlands. The floating off-roader makes it. The Sherp ATV was presented at the Absolut Allrad 2016 from February 25th to 28th in Salzburg.

Sherp ATV: Turning while stationary

Alexei has been dealing with off-road vehicles and unconventional solutions for a long time. This is how some competition vehicles were created. He found a relatively simple solution for the Russian Sherp ATV: Sherp ATV: huge, buttery smooth tiresHe motorized four huge low-pressure tires. The four-cylinder diesel engine from the Japanese manufacturer Kubota only produces 44 hp from a displacement of 1.5 liters, but thanks to the simplest technology, this ATV is a flyweight – especially compared to conventional tracked vehicles whose steering is open based on the same principle as that of the Russian Sherp ATVs: There is no steering in the conventional sense, maneuvering is carried out using two levers. Sherp ATV: minimalist interior designIf you want to go around the curve, the balloon tires are only driven on one side of the vehicle and braked on the other. Turning and driving in circles is child’s play: there is practically no turning circle; The Russian does not know the angle of the embankment or ramp.
Alexei developed the connection to the oversized tires himself. No complex differentials and drive shafts are used to transmit power to these axles, but gears and chains. 45 km/h is the top speed of the curious ATV, whose windshield can be folded.
The structure is just as simple as the drive. The tubular frame of the chassis has only been covered with sheet steel, which makes the ATV floatable.
Inside, too, the Russian is spartan: the equipment consists of a bench that can be folded down to form a bed.

Go swimming: the Sherp ATV in the water

Even breaking through a frozen lake is no obstacle for the Sherp ATV: Thanks to the watertight tub construction, the vehicle has sufficient buoyancy. The balloon tires also take over the drive in the wet, and at a maximum speed of 6 km/h.

price and availability

Alexei’s invention is already in production. It is distributed in St. Petersburg by Sherp ATV. The retail price for the Russian Sherp ATV is US$ 70,000 (around 62,667 euros). Additional equipment includes windscreen wipers or a heater. However, for this and for an additional lighting system, the Russian needs an additional self-sufficient system, because the engine only has one thing in mind: getting ahead. There is a special trailer for road transport of the ATV. chk

Contact: Sherp, Russia- St. Petersburg

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