Flood of images in the family album – What to do with old photos?

The children get bigger and over the years tons of photos have accumulated with the little ones. But what can you do with all the digital treasures that have accumulated on smartphones, USB sticks and hard drives? It would be a shame if successful photo files disappeared into the randomness of file collections and possibly at some point were lost forever due to memory damage. So here are some creative tips on what you can do with old photos and keep beautiful memories with them.

Suggestions for the design with photos

Of course, in the long run it is a shame to leave successful and memorable photos on digital storage media. Wouldn’t it be much nicer to design a beloved picture collection in a representative way so that you can enjoy it again and again without electronic gadgets?

alte Fotos
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There are many ways to do this, for example:

  • Printing photo cards
  • Design of photo books
  • Tinkering a photo wall
  • General crafting with photos

The photos can be uploaded to an online card designer, which can then be used to design the greeting card to be planned according to various templates and patterns. The finished products can then be found in the post office after a few days. A successful idea, for example to send a loving greeting from the family to the grandparents. Show e.g. B. with a successful snapshot of how your child learned to ride a bike.

Photo books are still popular. Almost every online photo provider has different versions available. When designing a photo book, there is also the opportunity to finally bring order to the digital picture collection and B. to sort chronologically or according to certain categories. Then you can arrange the best memories with a photo book design software, and the image quality can then also be improved a little (brightness, contrast, image sharpness, etc.). The photo book software can then be used to arrange the images in an album before they are finally placed in the print order.

How about a fancy photo wall? A wall surface provided for this can significantly increase the comfort of a room and make it appear interesting, especially since there are no limits to creativity. Even a simple cork wall can be made interesting as a picture carrier. Or how about arranging wedding photos in the shape of a big heart on a wall? In a hallway, an eye-catcher is always good, for example in the form of a horizontally suspended bamboo tube on which the most beautiful photos on a certain topic are presented with wool threads. As you can see: there are many ideas!

Handicrafts with photos – fun for young and old

The stationery and photo trade has a wide range of handicraft items for photos. So you can design your own photo calendars or picture collages. You can also make wonderful things from your own photos together with children. In this context, we particularly like a trend called scrapbooking. Personal photo books are created with scissors, glue, crayons, twine and colored notepads, which can be enriched with your own photo material, which you can print out inexpensively at the photo service station in the nearest drugstore. In this way, the creative and cognitive skills of children of preschool and kindergarten age can also be promoted.

Make more of your old photos! Perhaps this will lead to a new leisure activity that you and your loved ones can enjoy together. You create sustainable works that you are guaranteed to enjoy for a long time.

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