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Sherman Hemsley’s embalmed body remains on ice at a Funeral Home a Month After His Death

After more than 30 days have passed since actor Sherman Hemsley died, his embalmed body still lies frozen at a funeral home. Prior to his passing, Hemsley signed a will naming Flora Enchinton Bernal as sole beneficiary of his estate – estimated to be worth $50k.

Early Life and Education

Six weeks before his death on July 24 from lung cancer, Hemsley signed a will that named Flora Enchinton Bernal as sole benefactor of his estate. In the document he referred to Flora as his “beloved partner.” But an individual from Philadelphia claiming to be Hemsley’s brother has filed suit challenging this will.

Recently, actor Peter Hemsley had his embalmed body stored at a funeral home while legal proceedings took place; on Friday however a judge in El Paso overturned an earlier ruling by Philadelphia that awarded Richard Thornton his share of Hemsley’s estate. A military funeral has now been planned at Fort Bliss National Cemetery near El Paso where his burial will occur.

Personal Life

Sherman Hemsley, best known for playing George Jefferson on television series NCIS and playing him offscreen until his death on August 7, 2018, remains chilled at an El Paso, Texas funeral home more than 30 days since. According to Hemsley’s funeral home, they will keep it chilled until a local court rules on an issue concerning a will signed by Hemsley in June which named Flora Enchinton Bernal as sole beneficiary for an estate estimated at $50,000.

Philadelphian Patrick Thornton claims he is Hemsley’s half-brother and wants him buried there where he grew up, according to Enchinton who worked alongside Hemsley for more than 20 years, living together until her death 16 years ago in El Paso. Enchinton never heard about Thornton until after Hemsley passed.

Net Worth

Sherman Hemsley, best known for starring on The Jeffersons during its 70s heydays on television, died of lung cancer at age 74 in July 2012 at an El Paso funeral home and has been held there in refrigeration ever since. Legal proceedings between Enchinton – named sole beneficiary in Hemsley’s will – and another Philadelphia resident claiming to be Hemsley have ensued, prompting Hemsley’s body to be stored there under refrigerated conditions since then.

Richard Thornton filed a civil suit, alleging that Hemsley’s will was drawn up fraudulently and that he is his half-brother; Hemsley didn’t have any living relatives other than Richard himself at the time of his death. DNA tests are expected to shed more light into this mystery during a trial scheduled to start this week.

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