Food Truck Pup How To Open Shop In City

How to Open Shop in City in Food Truck Pup

Food Truck Pup is a fun time management game with cute pixel graphics. The objective is to earn as much money as you can. You can earn coins by completing missions, advertising, and setting up Waiting Lists. You will earn more money as you open more shops.

The first step is to find a location where your food truck can set up shop. Establishing a regular location will help you build a following and a loyal customer base. To expand your reach, you can partner with local businesses. Keep in mind that not all cities require food trucks or food trucks to register, report their routes and pay power fees. You should research the rules for each event before you start your business.

If you wish to play the game on your PC, you can download the game from Google Playstore. GAME START LLC developed the game. After you have installed the game, it will appear on your MEmu Play homescreen. To begin playing, double tap the Game icon.

After you have 3000 coins, it is possible to open a City location. Click on the map to check out the location. You will need more gold coins to open more locations. These coins can be saved to help you open more locations in the future. You can also check if the new location is available in your locality.

If you want to make money from food trucks, you can start by making healthy and fast dog foods. This way, you can earn money while still helping the community. You can also sell dog toys and sell non-alcoholic beverages. Don’t forget to donate a portion of your profits to animal charities.

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