For ATVs and UTVs: Road legal off-road trailers

Off-road trailers with road approval: from Vonblon in different versions with one or two axles for ATVs and UTVsThe team around Gerold Vonblon from the large Polaris authorized dealer in Vorarlberg, Austria now also offers off-road trailers with road approval for ATVs, side-by-sides and UTVs. The program includes both robustly designed single-axle vehicles and two-axle vehicles, with the tandem axle being designed in a pendulum design so that I can adequately cross right-hand obstacles. The bikes are equipped with off-road balloon tires, which have studded profiles for the desired off-road traction.

Off-road trailer with 25 and 40 km / h road approval

Depending on the model, the team in Vorarlberg offers its off-road trailers with road approval up to 25 or 40 km / h top speed, various models are even in the range with approval for passenger transport. Brand new from Vonblon are all terrain trailers with studded tires that are equipped with an overrun brake.

Prices & availability

Vonblon PowerThe off-road trailers with and without road approval are now available from Vonblon in Nüziders. For a single-axle off-road trailer for ATVs without road approval, Vonblon is asking for a retail price from 828 euros, a tandem axle with a dead weight of 220 kilos and a payload of 1,500 kilos costs at least 1,788 euros at the Vorarlberg Polaris dealer. The single-axle vehicles including road approval are available for the same price. In addition to the road approval, Vonblon also offers a wide range of accessories for its off-road trailers. On top of that, the trailers – as well as the Polaris vehicles – can also be rented from the major ATV and UTV dealers in Vorarlberg. x

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