Frank Dukes Net Worth

What is Frank Dukes Net Worth?

Those who are into music have no doubt heard of Canadian music producer Frank Dukes. The multi award winning producer is known for producing original compositions for producers. He has earned a reputed place in the world of hip hop and is credited for a number of popular songs in the genre. Aside from his work in the industry, Dukes has also earned a respectable income.

Frank Dukes grew up in Toronto, Ontario. He graduated from St. Robert Catholic High School in Thornhill. After high school, he began collecting records and eventually landed a position as a DJ. His love for music led him to produce his own tracks.

As a producer, Dukes is known for his contributions to several hit records. For example, he was responsible for the track “What A Time To Be Alive” that features Drake. Dukes has collaborated with various celebrities, including Rihanna, Cardi B, Camila Cabello, Post Malone, and Kendrick Lamar. Currently, he has been working with popular artists like Lorde, Frank Ocean, and Jeremih.

Before his successful career in the entertainment industry, Dukes was a martial artist. In 1980, he was featured in a Black Belt Magazine article. In addition to his professional endeavors, Dukes had his own school of Ninjutsu. However, he decided to sell his sword to fund a rescue mission in the Philippines.

Since then, Dukes has cultivated a strong social media following. He has a large number of followers on Twitter. Additionally, he has an official website. Besides his music production skills, Dukes has been credited for his work as a DJ. Some of his other accomplishments include being the curator of the boutique sample library Kingsway Music Library.

Although his net worth is still a mystery, Dukes has managed to amass several properties in Los Feliz, California. Three of them are multi million dollar homes. He also bought a fourth property for $6.5 million. Earlier this year, he sold another property for a price of $2.9 million.

While he may not be as popular as rappers such as Drake and Rihanna, Dukes is an accomplished songwriter and record producer. According to Billboard, he has collaborated with more than forty artists and has been the recipient of three Grammy awards. One of his most acclaimed contributions is the sample that he used on Drake’s 2014 hit “What A Time To Be Alive.” Another notable production feat is the album “Romance.”

Among the best known works of Dukes is his production of Drake’s hit song, “What A Time To Be Alive.” This is an impressive feat, as the track bears a signature sound that is a result of Dukes’ compositional and production skill.

There are other noteworthy production feats by Dukes, such as his collaboration with the famous pop star Lorde. Also, he has produced many hits for many other artists. Notable artists whose songs have been produced by Dukes include Post Malone, Kendrick Lamar, Jeremih, Mac Miller, and Lorde.

Although there is no exact information about Dukes’ net worth, it is estimated to be around $5 million. Considering his success in the music industry, he is one of the richest people in the world.

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