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Freshen up the nursery just with a pot of paint

If you want to freshen up the children’s room and don’t want to invest a lot of time and money, then you’ve come to the right place! Today we are going to reveal to you how you can give your child’s room a new and trendy look with just a pot of paint. Different colors, geometric shapes or interesting color nuances work perfectly and create a cool look.

Children's room wall design frieze baby bed wooden chest of drawers blue color

Dramatic blue in the baby room looks very classy

Paint half of a wall a bold color and leave the other half white. All you need is a pot of paint, a paintbrush and tape. You can emphasize the edge with a frieze, which will give the children’s room a dramatic and stylish look.

Wooden floor wall decoration wall design in pink and white

The unfinished edge has a great childish look

An interesting twist on the above idea is the shabby edge. Paint the lower part of the wall a delicate color and do not use tape. Do not strive for straight lines, the border between the two colors should look unfinished, which actually gives the children’s room its cool charm.

Children's room walls paint a triangular look

The pastel tones create a simple and stylish atmosphere in the children’s room

Geometric shapes are always popular and trendy in interior design. Add a great geometric accent to the nursery when you decorate a wall with triangles. Draw triangles of different sizes on the wall using tape. This is how you get a great triangular shape. Then paint the lower part of the wall the same color and voila! You did it!

Wall design children's room in pink and yellow desk

A white stripe delimits the functional zones in the children’s room

Usually the walls are delimited horizontally. But we offer you a vertical technique. If you have two children and you want each child to have privacy, paint the wall two different colors. Then emphasize the edge between the two parts with a thick white stripe. You can also use this technique to visually separate different zones in the room, e.g. areas for studying, playing, sleeping, etc.

colorful rhombuses on the wall children's room trendy look

Funny diamond pattern spices up the white wall

Geometric wall design salmon color refresh children's room

Great wall design in the children’s room in salmon color

If you’re a really creative person, why not try something special on the wall? They create a great look in the children’s room with colorful rhombuses in different sizes. This technique allows you to use leftover paint from past renovations at home. Use pastel shades that can be combined well with each other. If the colors are too bold, dilute them with white paint to get great pastel nuances.

Take a look at our colorful picture gallery to get even more inspiration for refreshing your children’s room in summer.

Paint a stylish children's room in white and blue yourself

The white wall color allows colorful decorative elements

Wall decoration DIY green cacti paint yourself wooden chair in the nursery

Cacti are very easy to paint on the wall

dramatic baby room wooden baby bed gray wall design

A trendy wall design in two dramatic shades of gray

Paint the cloud-shaped wall design in the children's room yourself

Cloud-shaped wall design in gray and white

simple children's room in pink and blue wall decoration clouds

Simple children’s room design in soft blue and pink

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