Front yard design ideas – clever and practical tips on how to impress your guests and neighbors

We often hear the gardening experts say – the front garden is the house residents’ calling card, so it should always be tempting and visually noticeable in every season. The mostly small area in front of the house should look neat and inviting, easily captivate strangers and at the same time appear individual and unmistakable. In addition, the front garden must correspond to the architectural style of the main house. Yes, as you can see, there are a number of requirements that are commonly placed on the front yard. This also includes personal wishes and preferences. As the end result, it turns out to be quite complicated to create a beautiful front yard. That is why we want to help you with this project, share clever design ideas and give practical tips so that you can master the “calling card of your company” in a few clearly defined steps. You could use our front garden design ideas and the associated picture gallery as a further source of inspiration. Do we want to get to work now?

Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen

A well-tended front yard easily captivates the eyes of all passers-by.

Vorgartengestaltung Ideen

Curved shapes, lots of green and wonderful flowers characterize the beautiful front garden.

Planning correctly often means doing half the work. Because with the right design, you get a clear idea of ​​what your front yard will look like and what you could still position there. The two paths – this to the house entrance and the one to the garage – are decisive for the overall appearance of the front garden. The rule states that the path to the house should be wide enough so that two people can walk on it side by side without any problems. In addition to its width, its shape is also important. It looks a bit boring if the main path to the house is a straight line. Introduce some dynamic into your front garden design and plan this path curved or slightly arched. Later you can emphasize its special shape with beautiful flower beds. If you have an impassable area in front of the house, you can provide a few steps when planning, these facilitate access to the main house and look very unusual in the front garden.

Vorgarten gestalten Trittstufen visuell zum Haus passend grüne Fläche

The steps must visually match the building of the house.

The way to the garage often runs through the front yard. It has to be straight, if possible on smooth terrain. You can put the water, gas and power lines underneath. But caution is called for, because you have to plan everything down to the last detail in advance and take photos when laying the cables and tubes so that you can easily locate the line later if necessary. The most suitable materials for the design of these paths are of course weather-resistant and easy-care surfaces such as paving, natural stone slabs, gravel, concrete slabs and clinker. Depending on your climatic conditions, you can choose the best product for you. In the planning phase for the front yard, think about the lighting, because this is particularly important on the main path and at the entrance to the garage. A well-lit path in the evening also guarantees you safety when walking or driving.

Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen klare Linien und Formen

The right front garden lighting gives you additional safety when walking

Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen elegant ideen

Thuja, boxwood, hydrangeas and other colorful blooming garden flowers make the unmistakable character of this traditionally designed front garden

  • Traditional front garden design meets simplicity

After the paths have been laid out, there is usually not much free space in the front yard where you can develop your creativity and individuality. In the front garden they traditionally create magnificent flower islands, where beautiful, fragrant garden flowers show their splendor for months and attract everyone’s attention. Evergreen garden plants and shrubs usually grow between lush greenery and on the edge of the lawn, in raised beds, pots or other containers or even directly in the ground you can cultivate perennials and other garden beauties, including roses, geraniums, hydrangeas and many others that are seasonal in your front yard decorate it and fill it with a seductive fragrance. In addition to this traditional front garden design, the simply designed front garden is becoming more and more popular. Concrete slabs, clear shapes and straight lines make up the minimalist front yard. A water fountain and some green characterize this Japanese style. That means, depending on your wishes and personal preferences, you can design your front yard and give it a lot of charm and individuality.

Admire our photo gallery now and let yourself be further inspired to design your front yard!

Hochbeete aus Beton

You can cultivate beautiful succulents in raised beds made of concrete and position buckets or pots on either side of the house entrance

Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen Naturgarten Look

Your front yard can have the look of a natural garden

Vorgarten gestalten schön geformter Weg zum Haus Blumenbeete

A beautifully shaped path leads directly into the house

Inspiration Vorgarten Idee Garten

You can plant your favorite flowers on both sides of the house path

Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen kleiner Steingarten

A small rock garden could spice up your front yard and serve as an undisputed eye-catcher there

Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen Weg zum Haus leicht geschwungen beiderseits bepflanzt

The path to the house should not necessarily be a straight line

Vorgarten gestalten moderner eleganter Look Steinplatten

That’s a beautiful picture! Stone slabs in front of the garage make it easier to get in and out of the garage every time

Haus rustikaler Stil Vorgarten gestalten

A front garden bedded entirely in green is also part of the rustic architectural style

Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen Grün natürlicher Charme

Let nature show its beauty outside!

Vorgartengestalten Kies Natursteinplatten

You can create miracles in the front yard with gravel, natural stone slabs and paving!

Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen natürliches Grün

Let’s not forget the beautiful garden flowers, evergreen shrubs and trees!

Vorgarten gestalten natürlicher Look grüne Pflanzen

Green plants, shrubs and trees bring a lot of natural charm into your front yard!

Gartengestaltungsideen Steingarten

You can also create a small rock garden in front of the house and impress all passers-by

Gartengestaltungsideen Steingarten vor dem Haus Steine Splitt grüne Pflanzen

A simple front garden design, where straight lines and clear shapes predominate, is always noticeable

Vorgarten gestalten schlichtes Design modernes Wohnhaus Gartenzaun

A simple front garden design is part of the modern house

perfektes Gartendesign moderner Stil Platten Pflaster Splitt Sträucher

vorgarten ideen tolle

A minimalist designed front yard looks enchanting – that’s what modern people need!

Vorgarten Blumen individuelle Gartengestaltung

When designing the front yard, you can express your individuality

Vorgarten gestalten Stein Beton

Discover the charm of the stylish front garden design!

Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen Garage

Keep the driveway free, please!

Vorgartengestaltung kleine Inseln formen mit Blumen

Create small islands in the lawn and plant them with fragrant garden flowers!

Vorgarten Bilder

A well-tended front yard is the owner’s calling card

Vorgarten gestalten clevere Ideen

Design the free areas in front of your garden wall!

Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen bilder

Well-formed garden paths lead to the house

Vorgartendesign bilder

The simple front yard design is the most beautiful in most cases!

Vorgarten gestalten clevere praktische Ideen

Make your garden stylish and full of colors

klassisches Vorgartendesign Tannenbaum

A fir tree belongs to the classically designed front garden

Vorgarten gestalten Steine Pflasterplatten Optik Haptik stimmen zusammen

A perfect look is achieved where the look and feel match.

Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen praktische Tipps

You can give free rein to your ingenuity when designing small areas.

kleiner Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen clevere und praktische Tipps Pelargonien viel Grün

Even a small front yard can be stylishly designed and look sublime

kleiner Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen Buchsbaum

The design concept and its implementation are the same here

Vorgarten interessante Gestaltungsidee

A beautiful front yard also belongs to a beautiful house

japanischer Stil Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen

Boxwood and low trees are completely enough in the Japanese-style front garden

Vorgarten gestalten clevere praktische Tipps Splitt Steine Steinplatten Buchsbaum charmevoll

Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen große Steine

japanischer Stil Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen bilder

japanischer Stil Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen clever und charmevoll Steine japanische Pflanzen

Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen Splitt Pflaster gut geformt wenig Bepflanzung Steine

Vorgarten gestalten sehr stilvoll gut gepflegt Sukkulenten

japanischer Stil Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen Steinplatten Wasserteich Wasserpflanzen

Japanischer Stil Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen Steinplatten

Steine Gartenbeete umranden Buchsbaum Rasen Vorgarten Gestaltungsideen

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