Fun and action: With the ATV through California

With the ATV through California: nature experience on the Burnt Peak, the highest mountain in the Sierra Pelona Mountains;  © USA Travel Blogger / Pixabay The west coast of the USA with the sunny state of California proves to be the ideal place for adventurous quad trips even at a short glance. Nobody has to transport their four-wheeler across the pond, because there are more than enough companies on site that rent ATVs and buggies and offer guided tours. The selection of destinations and sights is gigantic, so here is just a small selection – as a stimulating appetizer, so to speak.

Climb Burnt Peak and enjoy the view

One possible tour is from the scenic Castaic Lake State Park recreation area to the top of Burnt Peak, the highest peak in the Sierra Pelona Mountains. It stretches more than 1,700 meters into the sky and has plenty of fascinating vantage points. Finally, the view extends far across the desert to the mega-city of Los Angeles, which stretches out to the horizon in the distance. The entire trip takes two hours, with the drivers covering a distance of around 24 kilometers. The big advantage: Climbing Burnt Peak with a motor is much more fun than on foot, because you sweat a lot less. In addition, the route is considered easy to master on four wheels.

Through the world famous Yosemite National Park

California by ATV: Desert TourThe famous Yosemite National Park in northern California has long since become a quad Eldorado. Of course, the tours offered there also lead past the most famous sights such as El Capitan. Recently climbed unsecured and filmed, this sheer cliff is considered, especially in the right light THAT Highlights of the park. Of course, there are also the world-famous giant sequoias to see, as well as Half Dome, a mountain more than 2,600 meters high that was severed in the middle by a glacier in the distant past. High above the Bridalveil Falls with their foaming spray there is a popular vantage point that not only offers quad bikers a real panoramic experience.

Unforgettable nature experiences in the Mojave Desert

With the ATV through California: on four wheels through the dust-dry Mojave DesertIf you feel like jetting through the middle of the desert, you will also get your money’s worth. Located between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, the Mojave Desert also contains a beautiful national park with impressive dunes, extinct volcanoes and lots of solitude. Joshua lilies form whole forests here, and there are always solidified lava flows on the ground. The area itself is rather flat and is also suitable for drivers who do not have a lot of experience. 80 kilometers with breaks takes about 3 to 5 hours, depending on how the time is used. All in all, the result is a relaxed tour with many nature experiences and more than enough sunshine – very different from a quad holiday in the local Alps, where bad weather is unfortunately often the order of the day.

Let off some steam at the Los Angeles Motocross Offroad Park

Things get a good deal more adventurous at the Los Angeles Motocross Offroad Park, which covers an area of ​​19,000 hectares. It is equipped with numerous obstacles of all kinds and offers enough space to really let off steam on the quad. Of course, such an excursion costs a little more, after all, the entrance fee for the park comes with it. But the investment is worthwhile for anyone who likes that special adrenaline rush – or would like to become more familiar with their vehicle. Some quad freaks just can’t get enough of this course and book another excursion for the next day. After all, nowhere else at home is there as much space for unrestrained messing around as there is here.

Take a look into the scorching hot valley of death

With the ATV through California: daytime temperatures of more than 40° Celsius are not uncommon in Death Valley;  © PDPhotos / PixabayLocated in the Mojave Desert, Jawbone Canyon is a favorite of off-roaders for a reason. Here, too, there is plenty of space and an exciting environment that looks very different from the world at home. A circuit leads through the canyon, past imposing Joshua agaves and wonderful vantage points. The drivers take a look as far as the eerie Death Valley, where during the summer months daily temperatures well over 40 degrees Celsius are regularly reached. Snow-white salt lakes also come into view, just as a parched desert should. Some steep slopes and rapid curves make the terrain a perfect course for quad drivers who already have some practice. Incidentally, the route is not ticked off in one morning, a whole day should be available for it.

Three-day tour through different landforms

With the ATV through California: Three-day tour through different landscapesAnd then of course there are always ATV fans who prefer to be on the road for several days in a row. For example, a three-day tour might cover Holiday Valley, Angeles National Forest, and Jawbone Canyon. In this way, the vacationer gets to see several different landscape forms, perhaps experiences a leisurely picnic and finally knows a lot more about Southern California. However, such a trip costs almost 1,000 euros including accommodation and full board – you have to be able to afford that.
One thing is certain after this little tour of California: the west coast state and quad biking form a perfect duo. There is certainly no reason not to do without the four-wheeled vehicle in Good Old California, on the contrary: the possible uses are endless. There is plenty of space, mainly due to the many desert areas, and the national parks also offer perfect routes for adventurous excursions. x

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