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No matter whether large or small, part of the living room or not, designed as a separate room or not, the hallway is the calling card of your home. Here you receive your guests and later you say goodbye to them. Often the entrance to your personal world is not spacious enough, but you still want to stow as much as possible there – from necessary household accessories to unworn old coats. You could also keep the children’s old toys in the hallway that you want to keep for the grandchildren. Does that sound familiar to you? Probably coats, hats, umbrellas and shoes (a weakness for women), all of these things should fit in the entrance hall. In this post we have selected interesting console tables, clothes hangers and shoe cabinets for you. In other words, an entrance hallway should not only look good, it should also play a practical role.

Foyer in white wooden elements Stair-hall furnishing

White hallway with wooden elements on the stairs

The simple lines in the entrance area and the monochrome walls have a liberating effect. Today’s mechanisms for custom-made hall furniture are functional, elegant and make optimal use of the appropriate floor space. If you have more interior space, you could use a couple of small or one large coat hangers. This gives you more space for special occasions and several guests. However, if your hallway is smaller, you could furnish it with shallow-depth furniture. A large mirror also helps visually enlarge the space.

Front door made of glass mountain hut wood arched hallway furnishings

Front door made of glass in the shape of a round arch

The color scheme depends on your personal preferences. The wide range of color palettes satisfies every taste. But if you have a small hallway, you should use lighter colors. In this way, the room will not only look inviting, but also look more spacious. The optics have to be right, so you should avoid the garish, screaming nuances. And another tip: every room looks larger thanks to glossy surfaces. It all depends on your personal taste and imagination!

Hut holiday home hall furniture made of wood-hallway furnishings

Holiday home furnished with wooden hall furniture

Hallway furniture, bench, wooden elements, wall mirror, decorative pillows, hallway furnishings

The bench in the large hall is always a very comfortable piece of furniture there

Classic reception room floor lamp hallway furnishings

Classic reception room with a small sofa and floor lamp

Eclectic neutral contemporary art hallway decor

Eclectic in neutral colors, contemporary art on the wall

Entrance area stone wall bench French doors-hallway furnishings

Entrance area with stone wall – a great mix with the French glass doors. A seamless transition from inside to outside

Designer lighting mood hallway furnishing

Designer lighting

Modern classic designer console table cabinet made of solid wood-hallway furnishings

Modern classic cabinet made of solid wood

Console table, round wall mirror, eclectic glamorous antique hallway furnishings

Console table, complemented by a round wall mirror in this eclectic and glamorous hallway

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