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Furnishing a small bedroom – ideas in line with the latest trends of 2017

Unfortunately, everyday stress cannot be completely avoided. Often all we need at the end of the day is inviting bedroom furniture for complete relaxation. This is possible even in a small area and modern trends are making it even easier than it was before. Here are some current ideas in that regard.

Modern bedroom ideas for the most important pieces of furniture

The bed was and remains the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. It must by no means be too small, even if you have little space. You need to have enough space to really relax and get some sleep. However, the bed must not be too big if there is not enough walking surface. Because this is of great importance for well-being in the parents’ bedroom. So afford the minimum bed size you need for your relaxation, even if you then “steal” from the running surface, but don’t overdo it either.

kleines schlafzimmer einrichten Schlafbett Ideen

Of course, the bed is the central piece of furniture in every bedroom

You can save on something else – storage space, for example. This could be integrated into the bed construction – an increasingly pronounced trend in bedroom furnishings. Combining different storage space systems is particularly popular in 2017.

Kleiderschrank ist im kleinen Schlafzimmer

The wardrobe is also a must in the small bedroom, it offers plenty of storage space

The wardrobe

If you choose a bed with storage space, the wardrobe would be the second most important element in the master bedroom. To do this, choose a system that is suitable for restricted walking areas. Such are the variants with sliding doors. Built-in models and modular systems that are adapted to individual needs are becoming more and more modern. The second option would be much more appropriate if the room is likely to be transformed in the future.

In the small bedroom, the minimalist style or simply the restrained and neutral interior design is often preferred. Of course, you want to avoid the visual constriction by foregoing details and bright colors. The wardrobe could take on the function of the accent piece in the room. Another option would be to equip its front with mirrors with artistic decoration for the frame.

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten große moderne Bilder

The wall above the headboard is a real eye-catcher here

Of course, you also have the option of furnishing the wardrobe in a completely neutral way or in such a way that it connects to the wall. The accent in the room can be different – such as the headboard or the area above it.

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten Spiegel ideen

Mirror on the closet door visually enlarges the bedroom

Here is a modern variant: the wardrobe opposite the bed is fitted with a mirror. The headboard or a picture above the bed can serve as an accent, which is particularly emphasized by the mirror.

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten Spiegel Kleiderschrank Akzent Bilderwand

With the mirror, the wall above the bed becomes an accent in this small bedroom

Style and color considerations when furnishing a small bedroom

For small rooms, the neutral and light colors are always recommended as the simplest solution. In 2017 there are a lot of designer variants of these. With it you can achieve very different moods. For a fresh, but also classic and feminine look, Pale Dogwood by Pantone would be very suitable. Island Paradise will make you dream of a trip to the sea. Greenery is also often mentioned as an idea for bedroom furnishings. Most of the time, however, it is recommended to use it to set up certain accents.

kleine schlafzimmer kreativ gestalten modern ideen

Pale Dogwood by Pantone is a very popular color in the small bedroom because it immediately brings a heavy dose of romance into the room. You can also use it to set great accents

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten in hellen Farben gestalten

Design the small bedroom in light colors and it will look a lot wider

Current bedroom ideas for organization

With the reduction in the average area for the master bedroom, innovations in storage space design are becoming more and more important. We observe, for example, that an entire wall is being used for this in more and more such rooms. In addition, systems that combine open and closed storage space are becoming more fashionable with each season.

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten deko ideen

The trend in the small bedroom is that entire walls are used for storage space design

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten großer Spiegel an der Wand hinter dem Bett visueller Effekte

A large mirror on the wall behind the bed always has a great visual effect in the small bedroom and is useful

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten in Grau und Weiß gestalten

A room design in gray and white makes the small bedroom look very sublime and inviting

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten stilvoll geschmackvoll gestalten weiß marineblau interessante Kombination

The color mix of white and navy blue is trendy and effective in the interior design

kleines schlafbett einrichten gemütlich gestalten gemusterte Tapete

A wall covered with patterned wallpaper brings dynamism to the small bedroom

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten eingebautes Bett Schrankwand weiß dominiert

White is the dominant color here and makes the ambience fresh and appealing

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten sehr simple Gestaltung eine Holzwand hinter dem Schlafbett ein echter Hingucker

The wooden wall acts as an interesting eye-catcher in this stylish and tastefully furnished bedroom, where everyone would certainly like to sleep

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten clever und praktisch gestalten Akzente einführen in Gelbgrün

Try to introduce your individual touch into the bedroom furnishings

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten im minimalistischen Stil

Spice up a small bedroom in a minimalist style with wall posters

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