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Furnishing a Small Bedroom: These ideas are great ways to furnish a small bedroom

Simple ideas can transform your small bedroom from a crowded space into a great retreat that’s great for relaxation but also arousing interest. There is enough space for both aesthetic and practical design ideas. Forget the common belief that all you need to do is stick to light color palettes and minimalist furniture. Achieve beautiful and practical bedroom decor even with the use of lots of color, textures and intricate shapes.

kleines schlafzimmer einrichten

Lots of colors, eye-catching textures and interesting shapes can be the key solution to the design of a small bedroom.

Metal bed frames and accessories

Opt for metal bed frames and accessories in the bedroom. In this way you save space and at the same time achieve an impressive design. You can arrange the rest of the bedroom in light pastel nuances, because in front of these the metal frames really come into their own.

kleines Zimmer einrichten Metall Bettrahmen

A bed frame made of metal (here in black) comes into its own against the light background.

Carefully choose the subject

The spectacular furnishing of a small bedroom works wonderfully by choosing a popular theme. It can be introduced discreetly on the basis of details and immediately creates positive emotions and originality.

kleines schlafzimmer einrichten schön und weiß

Successful furnishings in the small bedroom with a love for nature

Elaborate wall design

Elaborate wall design is another well-functioning strategy for furnishing small bedrooms. This allows you to use a large number of colors, introduce different themes and still save space.

kleines schlafzimmer einrichten moderne gestaltung

A large picture, photo or poster can turn the wall above the bed into a real eye-catcher.

Eye-catching work of art

Go bold with the use of an eye-catching piece of art. This creates an eye-catching accent wall. This will arouse interest even with restrained interior design and minimalist color palette.

kleines Schlafzimmer weiß graues Interieur

The work of art on the wall immediately captivates the eye.

Rely on symmetry

Symmetry is an aid if you want to achieve a balanced design in the small bedroom despite many details. Make a list of furniture, accessories, and lighting fixtures that are worth using twice in the room. You can look a little more unusual in terms of design.

kleine schlafzimmer kreativ gestalten

Symmetry also brings visual balance to the small bedroom

Feel free to use patterns

Don’t be afraid of using patterns in the small bedroom. They can be spread out anywhere once you decide on a monochrome color palette. The important thing is that they either look almost the same or have a related character.

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten Blumenmuster Tapete

Patterns must have a related character

Do everything in cream

Make room for relaxation by choosing the cream color palette. Be playful with the textures. In detail, you can afford an elaborate design, because the creams will make everything look very relaxed anyway. There should definitely be plenty of warm shades among the cream shades selected. Otherwise everything could seem too cool or sterile.

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten Pastelltöne

Creamy shades create a calming atmosphere in the small bedroom.

Repeat a large motif

Decide on a large motif and repeat this several times in the room. It would be nice if it reflects your attitude. For example, it could be a heart or a rose if you want to spread a romantic mood and feminine character. Or you can opt for something more neutral and intellectual, such as a nautical design or a natural motif that introduces a lot of natural freshness into the room.

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten stabiles Schlafbett Holz Herz

A heart motif that is repeated makes the small bedroom look very romantic

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten weiße Bettwäsche

You can easily break the monochrome color scheme with a couple of saturated-colored throw pillows

kleines Schlafzimmer einrichten Minimalismus alles in Weiß Kissen und Lampe

Pure minimalism in the small bedroom. Here everything is designed in white, only two three highlights in black have been added

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