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Furnishing imaginatively: children’s rooms

When designing a children’s room, you want to be creative so that the child can rest, learn and play in a comfortable atmosphere!

In any case, it is advisable to bring in a team of experts. The designers plan accordingly to the family needs and always offer enough storage space. The use of robust and beautiful furniture that can withstand child’s play is a matter of course here.

Today’s selection of well-thought-out children’s room furnishings enchants with their stylish and at the same time functional design. Every child would want such a room, we as adults are just as fascinated by it! Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself!

Children's room modern white sloping ceiling

Ideas for the youth room

A modern children’s room was created from this attic space. The simple, white cabinet fronts are made to measure for sloping ceilings. We see white everywhere, except for the two cupboards, which are striking because of their bold colors. Isn’t that the perfect background to put your beloved cuddly toys on?

Children's room bunk bed wall white

White, red and green in a fresh interplay

The colorful bed curtain with a Vichy pattern is a creation by Room to Bloom. A built-in bed is the perfect solution here for this long, narrow room. There are many drawers under the bed for storing toys. The choice of colors, inspired by the Scandinavian style, makes the room look more spacious.

Children's room design red and white tent roof creative

Atmosphere for creative children

This room design is a real show stopper, don’t you think? Pale colors and a pointed white-red-striped tent roof! With the fur carpet, the classic chest of drawers and the Rabbit silhouettes the children’s room appears effective and pleasantly eclectic.

Children's home design idea slide skylight

Own slide in the room!

This room has what is probably every child’s dream – a slide! The design was created by Ensoul Interior Architecture and is provided with plenty of storage space for numerous toys and books. The stairs lead to the platform, which is embellished with abstract patterns. The skylight lets in bright daylight into the room!

Room girl set up white beige classic

Youth rooms for girls – typical furnishing ideas for the children’s room

Our editorial team’s favorite is this fairytale facility. The room design by Wickenden Hutley includes a great, soft color palette of white and cream. Elegant decorations such as the crystal chandelier have been combined with classic children’s toys such as the doll’s house and the carriage. The cute children’s chairs by Lou Lou Ghost represent a small station for children’s creativity.

Furnishing ideas children's room four-poster bed colorful

Great, modern color accents

Bridget Reading brought this clever design together. For boys or girls, what do you think? The simple four-poster bed has been pepped up with gold paper stars. Little musicians would feel most at home here, because the makeshift stage in the corner of the room invites you to have fun playing hours.

Bauhaus look built-in wardrobe, double bunk bed, beige

Youth room for girls

In the practical floor-to-ceiling wardrobes with subtle handles, you can store clothes and toys as well as seldom used items. The double bunk bed is great for siblings or simply for a slumber party.

Children's room white Thonet chair bentwood yellow

Children’s room in white

We are continuing with a children’s room completely in white. The large bunk bed with a side ladder fills the small room. White is not always the spontaneous first choice of parents and interior designers, but it is easy to care for and can easily be painted over. The simplicity of the monochrome furnishings reminds us of the Scandinavian style.

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