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Furnishing tips: How to enjoy more living space!

As soon as winter sets in, people withdraw into their very own snail shell. But what if your home doesn’t invite you to cuddle and relax? In Germany, the average living space per person is growing, but that’s more because luxury apartments are becoming more and more spacious. But what does the average household do? With a few furnishing tips, even the smallest living room can be turned into a comfort palace.

On average, every person in Germany can fall back on 42.7 square meters of living space. Incidentally, the average living space per capita in the new federal states is growing much faster than in the old federal areas. But of course it’s not just about size, but above all about stylish furnishings.
“The living room is the focal point of an apartment. Here you want to relax, feel good and sit together with your friends and family, ”says Lifestyle4living.de. And psychology also confirms: our furnishings at home influence how we feel.
“We ourselves are the house or the apartment,” says architect Katja Heinen. In fact, science is also concerned with the optimal design of living spaces. This is called residential psychology, a teaching that takes knowledge from architecture, psychology, design and even from Asian harmony teachings such as Feng Shui into account.
Unfortunately, the practical implementation is not that easy. And not everyone can afford a professional furnishing expert. Sometimes you don’t have the budget or space to experiment with furniture. We’ll show you how you can use simple tricks to create the perfect idyllic dormitory.

The best style tips for small apartments

In principle, in a small apartment you should aim to double, if not triple, use every square meter. This sometimes requires some renovation work or new acquisitions. The best example is certainly the classic loft bed. The mattress is moved up one floor, so to speak, and there is plenty of storage space underneath, for example to set up a desk.
Of course, there are lots of other ideas: the console behind the sofa, flexible seating elements that can be moved apart or together as required, stackable coffee tables, built-in cupboards and folding tables are just a few recommendations for people who have to make a lot out of little space. But we have a few more basic tips ready for you.

There must be order!

Order is the be all and end all in a small apartment and should be the top priority of an inviting living space design. Double things have to get out, old things should be parted with and nothing should ever be lying around. And it is important to pay attention to details! Nicely rolled towels and precisely folded items of clothing bring shape to even the smallest of spaces and create peace and harmony. Above all, smaller areas benefit from this.

Bright, brighter, brightest!

It is well known that lighter colors and tones help make a room appear more spacious. You are of course free to choose your color, but subtle colors always bring a certain lightness to an apartment. However, darker tones can also be used. These are ideal for blurring contours for the human eye.

Use multifunctional furniture – make clear separations!

If you have little space at home, you will inevitably have to do without a few things. Clever designers are naturally aware of this problem and are increasingly designing multifunctional pieces of furniture that have a double function. These are ideally suited for one-room apartments, in which excellent divisions can be achieved, especially with screens. For example, living and sleeping or dining areas can be separated from one another in an optimal and stylish manner.

Rely on the right material!

Materials such as glass and metal are particularly suitable for small apartments. This may seem a bit unusual at first glance, but it is certainly justified. Because both materials reflect light, which in turn means that something can be done to improve the brightness even in very dark rooms, for example with narrow windows. If you prefer wooden furniture, you should use oak. This is not only particularly bright, but also creates a perfect mix of modern ambience and classic decor.

Find the perfect arrangement!

Finding the perfect arrangement for furniture and decorative objects is not that easy, ultimately there is not enough space. Here it makes sense to give functional objects the task of functioning as a decorative element at the same time. For this purpose, it makes sense to rely on open shelving systems. In this way, coffee powder, teas, muesli and Co. can be perfectly stored in the kitchen, for example in pretty tins, and they also contribute to the feel-good atmosphere in the otherwise dreary kitchen. In any case, utensil walls are a practical solution for every space, no matter how small: From baskets to shelves, all kinds of odds and ends can be found on the wall and there is more work space left.

The apartment is the mirror of our soul

Everyone probably knows it: the job is gone or a relationship broke up and all of a sudden you feel the urge to completely renovate your apartment. In the end, the disillusionment remains, because a lot was just better before.
Furnishing experts warn against misusing one’s own apartment as a form of therapy. Actionism is not a solution to internal conflicts. Of course, with a new phase of life, a change can also take place at home. Basically, however, you should first change yourself before you set to work to create a new feel-good atmosphere.
In other words: Anyone who creates a comfortable home for themselves is automatically calmed down by their feel-good environment and never even thinks of tinkering with an originally perfect home. Especially in tightly dimensioned rooms, even small changes can make a big difference – both positively and negatively.

Image source: Yuganov Konstantin – 358050527 / Shutterstock.com

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