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Furnishing tips on how to enjoy more living space at home

Anyone who knows the housing situation in Germany well knows that most apartments in the big city are quite small. Unfortunately, there is not enough living space and you have to rely on every free square meter. This question concerns not only house tenants, but also interior designers and furniture manufacturers. Everyone tries to get the most out of a small apartment so that it appears really airier and larger. And what do you primarily need in your home? A lot of peace and comfort, of course. There is a room in every apartment that always offers cosiness, comfort and relaxation to everyone, and that is of course the living room. This is usually the place where you make yourself comfortable, spend a lot of time with family and friends, sit together with good wine or organize cozy hours for two. It is precisely because of its multifunctionality that the living room is so special and its furnishings and general room design deserve a lot of attention. What if the living room is pretty small? Yes, that would be a serious problem for a lot of people, but not for us. Because we have a few practical tricks ready for you on how you can make your small living room appear larger. Yes, we want to show you how you can use your limited living room space cleverly and create a modern and stylish ambience.

Space and color planning


Bright colors, straight lines and simple shapes characterize the modern living room design

The experts in room design say that good planning is crucial, it brings us to the desired result. We therefore recommend that you make a room design for the small living room in advance. What furniture do you absolutely need there? What is urgently needed and what should be left out? What should the background look like in the small living room? Question after question … But don’t let your head hang down, because there is a way out of every difficult situation! And we are now showing the best solutions when it comes to furnishing a small living room. First, you need to think about the living room furniture that you can use. A sofa, a low and highboard, a coffee table and maybe something else. In no way let the small living room look crowded. This can lead to depression. On the contrary, try to make it look wider. You can do this with the right color scheme. Rather choose light colors and create a calm and friendly ambience where you and your family members like to linger. Make the most of the restrained color palette and you will soon find out how beneficial it is for the senses and mood. Light wall color, upholstered furniture in tinted shades and a carpet in the same shade make up the homely ambience. Bright or dark colors have their well-deserved place in the interior, but in the small living room these may only be used as accents so that they do not darken the limited space.


The modern design in the small living room makes the room look wider, brighter and more airy


Choose light colored seating and you can’t go wrong

Choose the living room furniture cleverly

Your living room would definitely look bigger and wider if you furnished it according to the rules of minimalism. Yes, especially in a small area, the following applies: less is more! It is better to be economical in the choice of furniture and try to reduce your living room furnishings to the bare essentials. It is clear to all of us that the living room is the focus of every apartment. Here you want to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work, feel good and sit together with friends and family. So you just need the furniture that offers you all of this. In specialist shops or online you can find exactly what suits your taste, your wishes and preferences and offers you a lot of comfort and cosiness. The range of furniture is so rich that it will take a long time to choose the one that best suits your interior. To be more specific, we just want to give a few examples and make your choice easier.
Bulky furniture does not belong in the small living room! Rather choose multifunctional furnishings. For example, a sofa with a sleeping function would be ideal. If you get an unexpected overnight visit, you can offer your guests a comfortable place to sleep. Even a sleek corner sofa would look good in a small living room if you placed it correctly. Modern footstools or poufs offer plenty of storage space, where you can hide and store some things that are currently unusable. There are even more clever versions – two in one! This means that a piece of furniture can successfully combine and fulfill two functions. For example, the coffee table could also serve as a stool. That saves you space and at the same time you don’t miss anything! And also pay attention to the manufacturing material of your living room furniture. They should be as light and flexible as possible so that you can move them around without any problems.

colorful-mural-blue-sofa-yellow-armchair-turquoise-colored-stool-coffee table-floor lamp-curtains

Stool and coffee table in one: multifunctional pieces of furniture are now in demand

pool table-dining table

Modernity and functionality go hand in hand: a play and work table in one

Use the vertical level as much as possible – that is the motto when furnishing small living rooms. Yes, if space is limited, you have to go upstairs. High built-in wardrobes, open shelves on the wall and open and closed compartments can be placed alternately. That brings some dynamism into the picture and the whole room design looks moving. The big plus point is that you gain new storage space in this way – on the vertical level. Clever, isn’t it?


Use the wall surface vertically

corner sofa-gray-deco-cushion-wall-shelf-coffee table

Bring some dynamism into the picture

What else is on the wall? In that case, it would be the logical question, wouldn’t it? Yes, but we answer with a counter-question: What would a modern living room be without the flat screen TV? Okay, but where do you put it? You could probably do without a large hi-fi cabinet in a small living room, but without the box, it doesn’t work at all, of course! Then mount the TV set on the wall using a wall bracket and gain additional free space in the room. In addition, the visual effect is always positive, because your floor is free of any technical devices and that gives you the feeling of space. Smart solution too, isn’t it?

Optical enlargement of the small living room

gray-sofa-gray-stool-leather chairs

The mirror reflects the daylight and makes the small living room look more spacious

Our good practical furnishing tips today seem to go on forever! But your design options in a limited living space are actually limitless. With every room furnishing you shouldn’t forget many tiny objects and eye-catching decorations, because the beauty lies in the small details. If you appeal to beautiful works of art, paintings and prints, then you can place them so that they are in harmony with the interior and even visually expand the living room. But mirrors are undoubtedly the real “miracle makers” when it comes to optical space enlargement. As is well known, these reflect the daylight and in this way make every room appear wider and wider. To take advantage of this visual effect, place a wall mirror opposite a window in the small living room and you can be sure of your success! Also try to choose the right decorative items for your oasis of well-being so that they don’t make the room look crowded or squat.
If you follow our practical furnishing tips for small living rooms, you will create a room full of cosiness and comfort, where you can relax and unwind with close family members and where you can receive your friends!
We wish you every success in fulfilling all of your creative furnishing ideas and practical projects!

stool storage space

Comfortable stools offer plenty of storage space


Smart idea for storing smaller things

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