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Furniture & accessories in the garden and on the terrace – stylish DIY decoration ideas

There is a wide variety of products on the market nowadays Find furniture and accessories. Many suppliers have ready-made room concepts for indoor and outdoor areas in their range. But you can’t buy comfort at home with money. To create a really cozy corner outdoors you should be very creative or have someone just come up with some good ideas to you. For this reason we are here for you! Today we are happy to entrust you with a few stylish DIY decoration ideas for your garden or terrace.

Hammock fairy lights garden decoration idea side table made of metal

Assemble the hammock as a comfortable hanging chair and use it with pleasure

You can make great accessories, decorations, garden lights, garden fences and many other elements for your outdoor area. Your imagination, your technical ability and our great tips are the basis of the remarkable and exclusive outdoor area.

Stand for plant containers garden design stylish

Stylish flower stand with succulents

You can spice up your old furniture with unusual textiles without much effort. Unnecessary household items should not be thrown straight into the garbage can. The old wok would be a nice mini fireplace in the garden, old bottles are ideal for vases and the mason jars are perfect for romantic lanterns. Give your terrace or garden an individual character with self-made flower pots and pots for your flowers. All kinds of light bodies are very easy to make yourself – lanterns, lanterns, fairy lights. Use old jars, cans, magazines that you can decorate with some lace, hemp thread, and brightly colored water-resistant paints. Breathe a new life into the old boring parasol with nostalgic fabric roses and enjoy the hot weather underneath in summer.

Outdoor ideas pergola decorative cushion ottoman

The covered pergola ensures you a pleasant, shady spot in the outside area

The outdoor corner is a great addition to the living room. And like any comfortable living room, this corner should be furnished with comfortable and trendy furniture. And trendy doesn’t necessarily mean expensive! In recent years, a wide variety of decorative elements and furniture made from used Euro pallets have established themselves in the exterior. With your unlimited imagination, you can create really cozy furniture for the garden and terrace. Almost everything is possible – seating, side tables, flower stands, partitions, etc. Set nice colored accents with upholstery, decorative pillows and soft blankets and embarrass the cozy atmosphere outside. You created them yourself!

Browse through our imaginative picture gallery and plan a few hours to do it yourself outdoors for the next weekend.

hanging shelves black outdoor furniture pieces of nature

Stylish black outdoor fire pit

deep blue decorative pillows in the garden modern light chain

Fairy lights have been a must in the garden for years

Wooden garden furniture outdoor living room outdoors

Simple homemade coffee tables made of solid wood and metal

Wooden floor in white floor cushions leisure decoration ideas

Trendy floor cushions in the garden

Side table on the balcony wall design bricks

A romantic corner in the backyard

Rattan furniture parasol wooden floor gray decorative pillows outdoor wooden walls

A cozy outdoor living room with rattan furniture

Hanging shelves in the garden cactus decoration

Simple DIY hanging shelves with cacti

Wooden pergola, natural wood, outdoor seating, round table

Stylish ambience in white and wood nuances in the outdoor area

geometric wooden floor white stones on the balcony floor pillows

A cozy balcony with wooden flooring

geometric carpet in the garden exterior ornamental wooden wall

Unusual flower pots spice up the atmosphere

Designer table furnishing ideas balcony terrace upholstered bench

The unusual table is the undisputed highlight on the balcony

subtle flower pots wall cladding made of dark wood outdoor

White pots emphasize the tenderness of the simple flowers

Seating furniture made from Euro pallets, outdoor design ideas

Great benches made from used Euro pallets can steal the show

Terrace furnishing panorama window decoration ideas cloudy sky

Homemade coffee table from wooden boards

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