Gail and Adam

Gail and Adam Kalinich Are Active in the Community

Gail Kalinich, an employment law practitioner for more than 30 years at McGuireWoods LLP until her retirement in 2013, was an active civic volunteer. She tutored young children living in Chicago’s Cabrini-Green housing project as a volunteer tutor, served as pollwatcher and election judge, provided free legal advice to crime victims and provided pollwatching duties at polling places and elections.

Adam provides competition math instruction to high school students at IMSA as well as coaching their math team.

Early Life and Education

Adam Kalinich, 17, from Glen Ellyn is passionate about math. “I find fascinating ways of exploring it and understanding its relevance,” he stated. Math is more than numbers; it encompasses ideas.

His research falls under the category of game theory, which investigates how people compete against one another from playing games to trading stocks. He focused his work on poset, or partially ordered set, games.

This week, he’s in Washington competing in America’s pre-college science tournament: Intel Science Talent Search. As one of 40 finalists from across the nation, he hopes to learn from other students while making connections and hopefully finding some opportunities he didn’t have previously. Last summer he taught a weeklong clinic for competition math students in Cambodia.

Professional Career

David is also passionate about teaching math and has been coaching the Glenbard West math team for four years. Last summer he traveled with his family to Cambodia where he provided competition math training to local students.

His legal career spanned from serving as Village Attorney for Glen Ellyn to providing pro bono legal work for non-profits and clients unable to afford his services, while providing free counsel for Bridge Communities housing development projects.

Kalinich is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and earned his Master of Business Administration from DePaul University. According to federal election records, he donated $100 to Sean Casten. Furthermore, Kalinich supports all forms of arts such as theater, film, music as well as poetry writing – having written many poems himself!

Achievement and Honors

Kalinich combines his love of math with his commitment to helping others, tutoring children in Chicago’s Cabrini-Green housing project and organizing Little League baseball and softball teams in Near North neighborhood of Chicago. Additionally, Gail Kalinich has been actively engaged with civic affairs serving as pollwatcher, election judge, voter protection attorney volunteer attorney.

Steve Condie of IMSA described Adam as being both verbally precocious and intellectually astute. He has competed on their mathematics team for four years despite skipping a year of high school; hopefully after graduation from IMSA he can continue competing.

Adam was honored to become a semifinalist in Intel Science Talent Search 2012. Last summer, with his family’s help he traveled to Cambodia where he taught competition mathematics to students – one of his most satisfying life experiences.

Personal Life

Gail Kalinich lives with her son Adam in Glen Ellyn where they are active members of their community. Gail serves as a pollwatcher and voter protection attorney in her volunteer capacity, serving on boards for various civic groups and teaching children at Chicago’s Cabrini-Green housing project from 1987 until 1992 as well as being an advocate for youth sports programs. Furthermore, she has represented major corporations in employment litigation matters.

Adam describes his fascination with math by noting: “It’s so much more than numbers; it’s about ideas.” Adam has given clinics in local schools and taught competition math classes to IMSA students. Last June, Adam traveled with his family to Siem Reap Cambodia where he conducted a math workshop for local teenagers and their parents as part of their ongoing commitment to supporting Prostate Cancer Foundation efforts.

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