Game Like Magicite

A Game Like Magicite

SmashGames has created a game called Magicite, which is an action-adventure roguelike. It can host up to four players and allows them to gather items and craft gear. It was released on Steam early-access on February 11, 2014 and left on June 9, 2014.

Dungeon of the Endless

Dungeon of the Endless is a great game for Switch players who enjoyed Magicite. This is a roguelike dungeon defense game where you must defend the generator of a crashed ship. It offers different weapons, special events, and Co-Op play. It has brilliant retro visuals and an interesting storyline.

The fantasy world is filled with rogue-like elements. To advance in the game, players must not only fight monsters and beasts but also mine ores and cut down trees. Players have tons of stats and companions to choose from, and every new challenge offers a fresh experience. Players can even try their hand at role-playing with others on the same server!

Although a single piece may not be sufficient to complete a dungeon’s task, you can summon a primal to attack all enemies on the current floor. It is easy to collect magicite if you have three pieces of it in your inventory. There is one catch: magicite cannot be used outside of Heaven-on-High. It is impossible to collect magicite outside of this area, even if you find a silver coffer containing it.

In addition to the randomness of the dungeons, the game also includes a chapter-based story mode, which is separate from magicite. Players will need to research each new dungeon to gather the resources they need for powering various rooms. Players can also place turrets to divert enemies’ attention. To reach the elevator, players must collect crystals.


Hammerting is a combination of physics, liquid mechanics, and physics. You must use torches to lighten the shafts and brew a hoppy beer. To destroy the monsters, you can also throw flaming torch. This game will definitely challenge you. It’s not for beginners. This article will help you get started if you are unfamiliar with this type of game.

In Hammerting, you can build and manage a dwarven colony with RPG elements. You will manage a clan full of colorful Dwarves, and launch an epic mining operation. You can also craft legendary swords. You can even go into the cave to search for new ores. You’ll then need to build elevators and conveyor belts that will transport your goods to The Overworld. But all that will be impossible without a magicite’s help!


Voidigo is for you if you like rogue-lite and the classic Monster Hunter gameplay. The game is similar in many ways, but with the added fun of boss battles and unique weapons. The boss is the main character in the game. He can surprise you or make you flee when you are outnumbered. You’ll want to take your time and approach each challenge methodically to maximize your chances of winning.

Voidigo is another rogue-like action-adventure game with a turn-based RTS element. It takes you on a magical journey, where you have to use secondary abilities to help you defeat the monsters that are attacking you. It has a great storyline and amazing visuals. This game is addictive and fun. You will be playing it for hours. Fans of Action-Adventure games and games with Rogue-like elements will enjoy this game.

Rayman Origins and Legends

If you like action-adventure video games, Rayman Origins is worth a look. This 2D platformer game is set 400 years before Rayman: Hoodlums’ Revenge. Rayman and his friends battle an army of monsters and disturb an elderly woman. In order to complete the game, you must collect various types of collectibles. You can challenge your friends to a game of co-op.

This adventure video game combines Action, Exploration, as well as platform games. You will find yourself in an enchanted jungle with evil enemies who have stolen the eggs that support a sacred tree. This game will take you to many fantastic worlds. The gameplay combines elements of Action and Exploration. You will need to use these elements to defeat other adventurers. There are many extra poses and tricks you can use to survive the trials.

Monster Hunter is another game similar to Magicite. It’s a platformer game for mavericks that combines investigation with endurance. The developers behind Magicite took inspiration from games like Spelunky and Monster Hunter. It has a similar retro look and feel to those games. It is also quite challenging, blending maverick-like aspects with survival elements. Platforming and RPG components are both present in Magicite, making it a must-play for fans of both genres.


Developed by SmashGames, Magicite is a multiplayer action-adventure roguelike game that supports up to four players and randomly generated dungeons. It allows players to gather items and craft equipment to progress through the game. The game was released early-access on Steam on February 11, 2014, and left it on June 9, 2014.

To earn points, players can customize their characters and fight monsters to unlock new weapons and outfits. The retro style and tight controls of Magicite make it a perfect choice for any player who enjoys challenging adventure games. It is also highly addictive! Beware of scams! There are many ways to avoid being conned. Try these recommended games to increase your game’s profitability.

A game like Magicite is a great choice for gamers looking for a challenging, but enjoyable, game that combines RPG, survival, platforming, and RPG elements. Magicite, despite its low price tag, is a must-have game for platforming enthusiasts as well as community members. It’s a unique experience that will delight you and make you want to come back for more. Its gameplay is also extremely difficult, which is why it has become a favorite among gamers.

As of now, Magicite is a fantastic alternative to Minecraft in the roguelike genre. It has some of the same qualities as the incredibly popular title, and can be played online. Among other things, Magicite allows you to play with up to four players and is also extremely addictive. Magicite has a multiplayer mode, despite its difficulty level. There are a lot of ways to level up your character and level up.

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