Game Of War How To Change Hero

How to Change Hero in Game of War

You’re not the only one who has ever wondered how to make your hero better in Game of War. There are several different ways to make your Hero look better. First, change the Hero’s name. Go to the Hero menu, and click on the Change Hero’s Name button. There are four different sets of equipment that you can equip to your Hero. These are the Economy, Builder, Fighter, and Magic sets. Each piece of equipment has a different role in the game, and it’s important to place artifacts in the correct sets. Moreover, you can exchange items between sets of equipment, and even make them stronger by forging.

You can also modify the Hero’s skills and equipment by visiting the Hero’s Manor. This will allow to edit your Hero’s saved profile and unlock additional slots. You can also upgrade your Hero’s stats by using the Hero’s Skills or Equipment. In addition, you can purchase items that will change your Hero’s equipment, skills, and bonus items.

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