Games Like Dead Island

Games Like Dead Island, Helldivers, State of Decay, and Slender: The Arrival

Techland developed Dead Island, a role-playing action video game published by Deep Silver. It was released for Microsoft Windows, Linux OS X, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Although the game is primarily focused on melee combat it is also available in other formats. You can play as an ally, or as a villain. However, you must survive and kill your enemies.

Resident Evil: Dead Aim

Dead Aim isn’t a light gun shooter, unlike previous Resident Evil installments. It is a survival horror video game that emphasizes exploration more than combat. It is easier to explore the game through the third-person camera. You’ll also have to flip switches and hunt down keys. It’s not perfect, but it’s still a solid entry to the series.

Gun Survivor 4 was originally called Gun Survivor 4. The game was originally called Resident Evil: Dead Aim and was not part Shinji Mikami’s “Nintendo exclusivity” plan. While it’s a solid game, Dead Aim’s failure to reach its full potential is surprising. This is an excellent example of a game which didn’t live up the hype it received.

In addition to the storyline, the game also features a boss battle against a mutated monstrosity. The game’s bioterrorist, Morpheus D. Duvall, infected himself with the t+G virus after suffering a life-threatening injury. The G strain is then released and he begins to manipulate the host’s bioelectrical abilities. In the end, he fails to achieve his goal.

The visuals in Dead Aim are also good, despite its lack of’real’ third-person perspective. Although the game has decent lighting effects and particle effects overall, the mid-game section is rather dull. Regardless of its visuals, the game will be enjoyed by most players. Dead Aim is a great first-person shooter.

Another game with an atmospheric, first-person viewpoint is Resident Evil: Revelations. The story takes place on a cruise ship. Bruce MacGavin is an anti-Umbrella search agent who is tasked with regaining control of the ship. While he tries to sneak around and use battle moves, he must aim to survive while battling with zombies. If the camera moves too fast, or is too busy, the frame rate will drop. However, it will be fixed before the NA/EU release.


You may have played Dead Island or similar games and are looking for the same gameplay in a new format. Helldivers is a top-down squad shooter with single-player and multiplayer modes. The game’s setting is inspired by military-themed sci fi games and takes place within a dystopian world ruled over by a managed democracy. Helldivers is an intense, chaotic shooter that challenges players to master coordination skills during intense combat. Unlike most shooters, Helldivers provides a procedurally generated universe, so you’re not going to get bored while playing.

Helldivers can be downloaded from Steam for free and should work on most modern computers. It’s a twin-stick shooter, which requires you to work with other players to eliminate waves of aliens. In this game, you’ll need to use your brain and teamwork skills to survive, so be sure to work with a friend or coworker if you want to have a fun time playing together.

Slender: The Arrival

Slender: The Arrival is a survival horror game developed by Parsec Productions and published by Blue Isle Studios. It’s a sequel to the 2012 game, Slender: The Eight Pages. The story is the same but Sydney is now the protagonist and must escape from the mysterious Slenderman who is after her. The game spans four videos, and the first one marks Sydney’s first appearance in the game.

Slender: The Arrival is a survival horror game that features a shaky cam video that can be seen through a camera HUD. This video trope is closely related to the mythology surrounding Slenderman. You can use the HUD to view the world around you as you explore the vast landscapes of the game. Be careful with the shaky video footage in the game. This can give you an idea about how to interact and interact with Slenderman.

Slender: The Arrival has many aspects of a dead island game. While the game has a linear story, it can feel rushed at times. It can be difficult to finish the story in the time allowed. Take breaks to take in the beautiful scenery. The game also features a thriving multiplayer community. Slender: The Arrival is unlike other dead island games. It offers a wide range of challenges.

While the Slender Man is the main enemy in the game, there is also a proxy. It seems uncomfortable with the light and won’t attack the player even when his flashlight is focused on him. This enemy is the “The Chaser” in the debug console, which is accessed by pressing the backquote key (shared with the tilde key on U.S. keyboards).

State of Decay

State of Decay, a zombie survival game, was released for Xbox One. It has excellent combat, a decent score, and decent visuals. It does have some flaws. The game can be difficult and requires you to constantly improve your strategy. That’s why it’s a great buy at a discounted price. State of Decay is a great zombie survival game for fans of the genre.

This zombie survival game is set in a small island off the coast of Papua New Guinea. You will need to manage your community and deal effectively with zombies. The game includes melee-based weapons such as machetes and throwable knives. There are two types of weapons available: melee or ranged. The most effective weapon for killing zombies is the melee weapon. You can also collect samples to treat yourself and others.

DayZ is another game that has similar mechanics as State of Decay. It takes place on an island infected with zombies and allows up to 60 players to join a single server. While it has no story, DayZ has a devoted community, and it started out as a mod. It was eventually made a standalone game with enough support. This game is definitely a worthy alternative.

SOD is an open-world survival game for zombies. The gameplay is similar to the State of Decay series but offers more variety. Its many settings, variety and crafting system make it a great zombie survival game for gamers at all levels. Similarly, you can collect resources, craft items, and build shelter. You will need to be careful about your health and survive on the island.

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is a great survival game for those who enjoy free-form, open-world games. This survival game requires resource management, building a base, and avoiding recurring attacks. While the game is reminiscent of Resident Evil: Village, it takes a medieval approach to technology. In terms of gameplay, you’ll be doing plenty of exploration and avoiding combat. It doesn’t end there. In 7 Days to Die, you can also play with your friends in cooperative multiplayer.

While 7 Days to Die was released on Steam in 2013, it’s still enjoying positive reviews and has held a high score despite its early release. This game is developed by a small indie studio called The Fun Pimps, catering to the niche audience of survival horror games. The game also features a unique Tower defense mechanic, which makes it unique. Although the graphics are somewhat outdated, the game has excellent first-person survival.

In 7 Days to Die, you must survive by gathering resources from the environment and building a shelter. You must be careful as you will be plagued with red moons and zombie swarms. To protect your family and yourself, you will need to strategically build defenses. If you’ve already mastered the game’s tutorial, it might be time to look for a new game.

You can get creative with your zombie killing in 7 Days to Die. You can use various weapons to kill them, from rocket launchers to machine guns to machetes. Zombie Builder Defense is another similar game. The main goal of the game is to defend yourself from zombie attacks. If you’re a fan of this genre of game, you’re sure to enjoy the free-form zombie combat.

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