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Medieval Games Like Mordhau

If you love medieval combat games, you will love the multiplayer of Mordhau. There are several servers, from the typical to the role-playing, which allows for player creativity. You can use directional swordplay and attack from any angle. This game is fun and a worthy alternative for Chivalry 2.


You won’t find more similarities between Skyrim or Mordhau if you look closely. These games share a lot of similarities, from the default first-person view to the weapons used to complete quests. Although these games aren’t based on historical facts, they are still very popular and offer a similar gaming experience. If you’ve not played them yet, I highly recommend checking them out.

While Skyrim and Mordhau are similar in style and mechanics, there are many other open world fantasy RPGs to try. These games offer rich lore, extensive character customization, and immersion in worlds that evoke the ancients. To help you choose which of these games to try, we’ve put together a list of five games that are reminiscent of Skyrim, as well as a few that are quite different.

Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval slasher with a variety of game modes ranging from small skirmishes to large-scale wars. You can play with AI or other players. The game also features detailed character customization and different weapons and abilities to kill enemies. Mordhau has the right weapons to help you kill your enemies with melee attacks and take down their hordes monsters.

Mordhau is a more sword-focused game, but it’s also fun for first-person. You can use a sword or a switch to match your strengths and skills. Players can even take on enemies in arenas to get a more authentic medieval feel. Mordhau offers many customization options, making it a great choice for gamers looking to play more challenging games.


Mordhau is a great game that combines real combat with fun multiplayer features. The game is based on medieval times, and you can play as a Viking, Crusader, archer, or anything in between. Mordhau will see you compete with other players in epic battles. Your skills will be tested as the game progresses. Despite the game’s difficulty level, it is well worth a try.

Valhalla draws its inspiration from the Vikings. As a Viking, you play as Eivor, a leader who has been forced out of his homeland by his rival clan. You will have to travel to other Viking kingdoms in order to win over their leaders. You will need to use diplomacy and show them what the worst outcome of a Viking raid can be. Unlike previous games, this game is much more detailed and refined.

Another Valhalla game that takes its inspiration from Norse mythology is Eternal Darkness by Silicon Knights. It features many similarities with Valhalla, but it also displays Silicon Knights’ passion for ancient history. You can find segments of the game in medieval churches and ancient catacombs. You can build Viking warships and fight enemies as you progress through the game. While the game is still in early access, you can expect regular updates until 2022.

While Skyrim and Mordhau share similar features, they are distinctly different. Mordhau, a technical sword fighting game, is first-person. It also features a first-person combat system. The game combines dozens of attacks and a detailed swordplay system. While Mordhau is more like a traditional RPG, Skyrim is more of an adventure. Like Skyrim, Mordhau has loot chests as well as a variety skills.

For Honor

For Honor is a 2017 action video game developed and published by Ubisoft. In this game, players play as historical warriors, including knights, samurai, and vikings. They are controlled from a third-person perspective. The game’s combat and exploration are complex, but incredibly fun. You’ll never want to stop playing, and its diverse history will leave you wanting to play more.

The combat system and action RPG elements of the game are similar to other games. The game’s appeal is largely due to its addictive multiplayer battles. For Honor is also buy-to-play, and it offers cosmetic microtransactions. For Honor is a great game for anyone who loves melee combat. For Honor is a great game for those who love historical warriors and melee weaponry. Although it’s not the next big thing, it has a loyal following.

Another action-adventure game is Ghost Recon. Ghost Recon is a tribute to Norse mythology and Greek mythology. Players control the Spartan hero Kratos, who triggers a war between humans and the gods. To make your game unique, you can choose from multiple classes, power, and weapons. It’s sci-fi in its overall design. These games are very popular.

If you’re looking for a samurai-style game, then Nioh might be just the thing. This action RPG is based on Japanese folklore from the Sengoku era. The player plays the role of William Adams, a samurai who soon learns how to use different weapons and becomes a notorious demon-slaying badass. It also draws inspiration from the Dark Souls series, and has elements of strategy, stamina, and mobility.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

If you like the first game in the Mount & Blade franchise, you will definitely like the sequel, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Like its predecessor, this action RPG also features a directional weapon-swinging system. Although the games may look similar, the main differences are in the gameplay. Bannerlord will allow you to control your army and build your base with a variety of weapons and armor.

You can create characters with the same name and class as the main character. Although Mordhau shares some similarities with Bannerlord, the game is much less versatile than its predecessor. In addition, Mordhau’s combat is incredibly slow – it’s not a flaw, but it isn’t a strong point. If you’re planning to play this class in multiplayer, you’ll want to make sure that you have a decent amount of time. Mordhau’s combat mechanics need a lot of tweaking.

Both games are highly tactical and feature historically accurate combat. Mordhau is set in medieval-era Italy and is one of the most realistic action games available today. Both games are set in the same period but they have very different storylines and gameplay. In Mordhau, you will need to use your sword in a specific way to strike your enemy, while in Mount & Blade II, you’ll be able to use a charging attack to get a huge edge.

As with both games, you must level up your character to become stronger. You gain experience as you level, which allows you to train faster. In addition, you can use focus points to train your character. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has a high level cap of 62, which is slightly less than the maximum. But beware: if you play through the game until level 63, you’ll find an overflow glitch, meaning that you’ll have to spend tons of time in combat and earn even more experience.

Gloria Victis

While MMORPGs like Mordhau tend to focus on fantasy aspects, Gloria Victis focuses more on realism. This Medieval game features open PvP, a player driven economy, and heavy combat. Although the single-player campaign is brief and sweet, it offers a rich multiplayer experience. The game features four distinct nations and a classless leveling system. The player can create a character and build the world around them. Although there are no fireballs and the storyline has matured, the game still offers a lot of fun.

Players are in control of their economy in Gloria Victis, with a variety of resources to use in crafting. In the game, players must gather resources, process them, and finally craft the final item. While the game has many mechanics to prevent ganking and griefing, it encourages cooperation. Players can build war chests and farm crops. And players can engage in cooperative play, allowing them to work together and win against opponents.

MMORPG Gloria Victis emphasizes multiplayer. The game’s world is large and believable, and players can live as peasants or knights. There are sieges, guild battles, and other ways to participate in the game. While it’s more challenging than Planetside, Gloria Victis is worth a try if you enjoy this type of game. There are many other MMORPGs, but none that offer the same experience as Gloria Victis.

Gloria Victis, a popular PvP-based MMO, features a large open world and a realistic feeling. This game also displays medieval mayhem in a unique way. The vast open world allows you freedom to move through the story in your own way. Quests can also be completed as you wish. Shadow of War, Middle-earth’s medieval experience, differs from Gloria Victis in a few ways.

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