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Garden design: 11 creative ideas for your small front yard

URegardless of whether your apartment is on the sea coast or very close to the road, properly designing the small piece of land in front of your house can be a big challenge. But don’t do without a beautiful garden, even if the area is too small. In this article, we offer you 11 creative solutions for small front gardens that will surely add more charm and glamor to your home.

Garden design creative ideas small garden path made of paving stones

The front garden always makes the first impression on your guests – do not neglect this area under any circumstances

Build a Romantic Entrance path made of cobblestones to the front door of your house. Decorate the rest of the area with simple flower beds in a variety of colors. In this way you create an inviting and cozy atmosphere in front of your house and you will always feel good when you come home. If space allows, place two garden chairs there to create a quiet corner to relax – ideal for those warm summer nights.

lush hydrangeas in blue garden design

The color of the hydrangeas depends on the acidity in the soil and can be changed using fertilizers

Plant lush types of flowers right in front of your home when the area in front of the building is extremely narrow. A simple fence up to 1 meter high will keep your flowers nicely organized. Opt for hydrangeas or fragrant roses and design the private area in front of the house in this way.

Patio flooring natural stones creative garden design garden furniture

Natural stone flooring – a romantic and very practical solution for your front yard

The patio shouldn’t necessarily be be in the back yard, it could beautify your house at the front too. If you want a garden that is easy to maintain, pave the area with large, flat natural stones and place fine rubble in between. If you don’t want to do without the green, build a narrow bed right next to the house or place large pots here and there with your favorite flowers or bushes.

small shrubs in the garden modern garden design

Spice up the path to the front door of your house with fresh blooming flowers and / or decorative figures

The blooming plants delight with their fresh and colorful Flowers the eye. Emphasize the path to your house with two narrow beds that you can plant with small evergreen shrubs, mini roses or other flowers. If there is more space in between, cover it with fine debris or grass. The large flower pots are a good alternative when there is not enough space.

Garden design ideas outdoor garden trees

Choose the trees for your small front yard according to its location. It is very important whether the chosen place is sunny or shady

Put small trees to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in front of your house. They are a nice addition to the small front yard and set a great accent in the outdoor area. Plant shade-loving flowers under the trees or cover the ground with rubble.

white fence landscaping ornamental grass single story house

You can create a great oasis in front of your house with various types of ornamental grass

Garden design field flowers wood paneling family apartment

Do you have a house in the country? Plant field plants in lush beds. All varieties that grow near the house are adequate

Garden design yellow facade trees in the garden

A small green oasis outside gives your home more charm and cosiness.

Garden design modern ideas avenues in the garden stone wall shrubs

Stylish garden design with various types of bushes and a low stone wall

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