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Garden design, garden design ideas garden design ideas that you can enjoy all year round

Often a major mistake is made when designing the garden: the garden is only prepared for the summer and not at all for the winter. So we can only enjoy it for a short time during the summer. In the other months of the year it is just an empty space. This sad picture doesn’t have to be! Learn how to plan a garden design for the whole year.

Garden design ideas garden in winter

The garden is so beautiful and alluring in winter!

Correct zoning

It all starts with the strategic division of the different zones. The garden must be divided into larger and smaller planted zones. Trees and bushes must be planted in groups. Follow this method when designing, avoiding any chaos and giving harmony and volume to the garden structure.

Garden design ideas garden paths

The garden paths have to be cleverly planned and designed

Plan the garden paths

The second step in creating a year-round garden is to plan your garden paths properly. At least one wide, but also several of these should be created for larger areas. Two to three people should be able to walk in parallel on each one.

The wide paths have to connect longer stretches with each other and thus become the main elements of the garden. They can then be connected to one another by smaller paths. This structure enables relaxed walking in the garden all year round. Bushes and other garden plants complete the look and make the garden look even more interesting.

Garden design ideas small garden area

You can also create something special on a small garden area

Solution for smaller areas

In a small garden, creating wide paths is sometimes next to impossible. It still has to be present enough. In this case, the paths should therefore be flanked with higher, nicely decorated entanglements. In this way, wonderful compositions are created.

Garden design ideas winter landscape

Enjoy the beauty of the wintry landscape

Sculptural beauty

In summer the colors should predominate in the garden and in winter the sculptural appearance is of fundamental importance. You need to plan the garden in accordance with these goals and choose the plants based on these two criteria.

Deco garden garden ideas

The right garden design can also be seen under the blanket of snow

Bushes with fruits in winter and evergreen plants

Also think about the use of evergreen trees and bushes and distribute them evenly over the whole area. There are also certain plants, such as rose hips, that naturally add fiery accents to the outside area.

beautiful garden design

A rose hip bush will add some color to your outdoor space

The garden furniture

Some of the garden furniture, for example the benches and some built-in tables, should be made of resistant material that can be left out there all year round. They also contribute to the attractive character of the garden landscape. On sunny days you can sit on them even in winter.

Garden furniture in hibernation

The garden furniture is asleep

The lighting

A year-round attractive garden is also achieved with the right lighting. This must of course be adapted to the different weather conditions. Paths must be lit all year round, especially those that are used more often. With decorative lighting, you can also add additional accents everywhere.

Lighting in the garden

Have you thought of the right lighting in your garden?

ideas for birds garden

Small birds hibernate here

Garden design ideas winter beauty in the garden

Discover the winter beauty of your garden!

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