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Garden design – planning and ideas in pictures and text

Summer is getting closer and closer and the sun is shining more and more often and warmer. Everyone wants to spend a long time outside in the fresh air, watch nature wake up and relax completely in the process. To make this possible, you need a piece of nature around you every day. Yes, that’s what the garden is for! But how can you design a beautiful garden, depending on your own ideas, wishes and preferences? That is the big question, to which we want to give appropriate answers in this post. We would like to start with the fact that you should take your garden design seriously in the spring weeks and plan it responsibly. You have to design the garden elements that you want to have in your outdoor area or replace existing ones. As they often say: good planning is half the battle! Let that guide you and get to work! So that you can look forward to a beautiful and well-designed garden soon, you should act now! Are you renewing the garden paths or creating new ones? Where should these lead to? Do you want to have a gazebo or do you prefer a small garden shed for your garden tools? Question after question…. Be sure to design the flower beds and start planting them on the first sunny days of spring. Yes, we know very well, it all means a lot of work! But the first results of this can be seen soon. So don’t hang your head! But on the contrary! Roll up your sleeves and off you go!

Beispiele und Ideen für Ihre Gartengestaltung

“Good planning is half the battle!” You can often hear in this country.

Garten planen aufs Papier zeichnen Entwurf realisieren

Get your design down on paper!

  • Plan the garden and think through every element there

Everyone has their own idea of ​​what their dream garden should look like. We don’t find anything bad in that, because the garden design expresses our individuality. That is why you can find new and more beautiful garden design ideas all over the world. But our advice is if you already have a nice project in mind, then put it on paper right away. Perhaps you can make irrelevant changes here and there, but stick to the garden design you want. Better to start small and create a great garden as you go about your work! Everything depends on your imagination and manual dexterity and of course on the budget available! Try to divide your garden area into individual areas and determine how you want to use them. Where and how do you want to design your summer terrace? What’s wrong? Are you planning a pergola in advance or do you just prefer a quiet sitting area surrounded by greenery? Draw the individual zones and you have already created the frame of your garden! Only then can you move on to the next step in garden design!

Garten gestalten

Only after careful planning can you move on to the next step in garden design!

  • Garden design – the style you have chosen sets the tone here

In principle, each piece of land belongs to a main house. The same applies to the small green space in front of, next to or behind the house. The rule of thumb is: design the garden in the same style as that of the house. Here you would be spoiled for choice, as there are numerous styles, each more beautiful than the other. But consider which style you like best and then act! Do you look at the house first, consider its style and think about what might go best with it? For example, a typical cottage garden would go perfectly with a rustic house. Or do you prefer the Mediterranean garden with its flowers and stone-paved garden paths? The Japanese garden exudes a lot of peace and inner harmony. Or do you prefer the English style or that of the French Provence? As you can see, the garden design options are almost limitless, just like our imagination. It only depends on you whether you want to create a small herb garden or relax by the pool when the weather is good. A small garden pond and an interestingly designed water feature are also great ideas for garden design, aren’t they?

Lounge Möbel

A stylishly designed garden exudes a lot of serenity and harmony

Sitzbank Gartenmöbel

A built-in bench offers you the perfect resting place

  • A successful garden design is closely related to the right garden furniture

Garden furniture is the be-all and end-all of good garden design. But before you decide to buy one, you must first ask yourself for what purpose you want to use the garden or certain areas of it. A cozy corner for dining in the open air would be a long-cherished wish for many. Outside you can have a leisurely breakfast in the morning and drink your coffee there after the workday or enjoy a glass of beer or wine. To make this a reality, you need an outdoor set that best meets your needs and demands. From garden furniture made of rattan and lounge sets in different sizes and colors to a small folding table with two folding chairs to wind-protected wicker armchairs or elegant hanging chairs, everything is currently available in specialist shops, that is, everything your heart desires when it comes to garden furniture! The multi-faceted range for the garden only includes weatherproof pieces of furniture that are resistant to sun, rain and wind. You can also make a practical outdoor set yourself, for example assemble garden furniture yourself from pallets. It would also be advisable to give your old furniture a second chance and spend many pleasant hours outdoors.

Gartenmöbel Set

A cozy outdoor seating area is a must for many garden owners.

Gartengestaltung Ideen

Do you want to sunbathe undisturbed for a few hours?

Just think about where you want to put the patio furniture you want. A lonely garden bench positioned entirely in the green of the garden would invite you to relax completely in solitude, while your lounge outdoor furniture would be in the right place at every garden party. If you have small children, you could also plan a playground for them and design it especially for the little ones with a sandpit and small paddling pool, for example. As you can see, when you choose your garden furniture, you have a lot of room for maneuver, where you can put your creativity and your own ingenuity into play. To round off your place or the outdoor party zone, you need to protect it well from rain and sun. Parasols in various shapes (round, square or polygonal) and in numerous colors apart from white can be bought in specialist shops or online. Good privacy and sun protection also include pavilions, pergolas and sun sails. What exactly you choose depends mainly on your needs and budget.

Schaukel im Garten Spielplatz Kinder

Your little treasures can swing here for a long time and have a lot of fun!

Spielplatz Kinder Garten gestalten

The little ones especially like to play in the sandpit!

Gartengestaltung Ideen Relax Zone im Freien

A perfect place for your very cozy hours outdoors!

Relaxzone Garten gestalten Ideen

You can relax in the shade of a centuries-old tree.

  • Garden ideas for other garden elements

Design your garden or the backyard as beautifully as possible according to your personal ideas. We can only give you a few more great design ideas, but you decide what exactly you need. Garden paths and paths are a must in every garden, you can create them yourself. When planning your garden, you have to determine its direction and shape (straight or curved) and the material from which the garden paths will be created. These are important aspects that influence the overall picture in the garden.

Gartenwege anlegen Gartengestaltung

It is essential to plan the garden paths in advance

Here we also want to address other garden design elements and draw your attention to garden figures and small sculptures. A Buddha figure is essential in a Japanese garden. But in this country other garden figures are in demand, for example a small rabbit or hedgehog, an elegant stork or “ugly” frog would spice up the entire garden look and add an individual touch. The important design elements outside include a beautiful pool or a secluded garden pond, but these are additional extras that only emphasize the garden design style you have chosen.


A fountain or water feature and the quiet splashing refresh the whole garden landscape

kleiner Pool marineblau

A small pool or garden pond are additional extras if you can afford them

But the garden lighting has to be planned in advance and implemented correctly. Fairy lights, spotlights, lanterns and lanterns are only a part of these necessary elements that will only make your evenings outside more pleasant and cozy. If you have enough space in the garden, you can also consider an outdoor fire pit. This emphasizes your individuality and brings the garden image to a higher level.

Feuerstelle im Garten

Sitting around the fireplace and chatting with friends and family – is that your dream? Or has it already become a reality?

Garten gestalten Ideen

Fairy lights complete the design of this oasis of wellbeing


Let your creativity play a role in garden lighting

  • Garden flowers and garden decorations go hand in hand

Last but not least, we come to the garden flowers, which of course go hand in hand with the garden decorations. A garden without beautiful flowers and their bewitching scent would be unimaginable for many people. In many cases, the natural beauties determine the style of the garden. There are no limits whatsoever to you when it comes to choosing and maintaining them. You can form beautiful flower beds, plant evergreen shrubs on the garden fence, grow a small herb garden, and have some fruit trees in the garden. Nothing can be superfluous here, because everything is necessary and desired and desired by garden owners. The rule here applies: Everything you like is allowed! Spring bloomers or fragrant roses, lilac bushes or a boxwood sculpture, pansies, tulips or lilies of the valley, daisies, hydrangeas or petunias – all garden flowers adorn the outdoor area and make it look more homely and enticing.

Conclusion: All garden design ideas presented here are practice-oriented and easy to imitate by every garden owner. However, if you experience certain difficulties with your garden design, then professional landscape architects and garden designers are at your side, who you can easily find in your vicinity.

Browse through our picture gallery and let yourself be further inspired by a unique garden design!

We wish you a lot of fun and success in planning and designing your garden!

Lichterketten Kerzen Sitzecke Garten gestalten Gartenmöbel

Fairy lights and lots of candles make your evenings outside unforgettable!

Gartenblumen weiße Tulpen

Tulips enchant us with their delicate natural beauty.


Do you want to enjoy this splendor of flowers in your own garden every day?

rustikaler Stil Garten gestalten Töpfe Pflanzen

If you like the rustic style ……

Gartengestaltungsideen asiatischer Stil

…. Or do you prefer the Asian style of garden design?

Sommer im Freien duschen viel Grün

Showering in summer in the privacy-protected courtyard is healthy and relaxing!

weiße Tulpen Garten gestalten Ideen

Garden design ideas boxwood fence flowerbed white tulips lilac hyacinths

Gartenwege anlegen große Steine

Garten gestalten Blumen Töpfe Gemütlichkeit

Gartenwege formen Buchsbaum Hortensien

Garten gestalten Ideen runde Sitzbank Holz

Gartengestaltung Ideen 1

Garten gestalten Ideen Sitzecke Gartenmöbel schöne Formen

Gartenweg anlegen Mosaik Look

schönen Garten gestalten Ideen

den Baum schmücken gestalten ins Blickfeld rücken

Gartengestaltungsideen grüne

Hochbeete Zonen abgrenzen Gartengräser

Gartenzaun Sitzbank Holz Sitzecke im Freien

Garten gestalten Pergola Sitzecke bunte Deko Kissen

Garten gestalten Ruhe Gelassenheit viel Grün

Essecke im Freien Garten gestalten Gartenmöbel

Essecke im Freien Garten gestalten Gartenmöbel schlichtes Design

Topfpflanzen natürliches Flair Garten gestalten

Gartenweg anlegen Mosaik Look interessante Figuren

Garten gestalten römischer Stil Pool herrliche Idee

Garten gestalten Blumenkästen Hingucker im Garten

Garten gestalten Blumenkästen

Gartenmöbel Paletten Sitzsofa Bambus

Gartengestaltung mit Steinen

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