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Garden house – the absolute all-rounder in the country

Many house and garden owners are well informed, nowadays a garden shed is simply a must within their garden landscape. Why is such a house so important for everyone? Because it has become an absolute necessity and because of its multifunctionality it has totally caught on. A chic wooden house is a great place to store your garden tools and garden hoses, your flowers can overwinter there before you put them back on the terrace in spring. Or maybe you want an extra space for the bikes? And if you have a fireplace in the house, you can store your firewood there in the garden shed or next to it. This also includes other uses such as carports, children’s playgrounds, greenhouses or hobby rooms. As you can see, such a house in the countryside combines many important functions and that is precisely what makes it indispensable.

modernes Gartenhaus

The house in the garden has many functions and that is what makes it essential.

At the moment you can find garden houses in different sizes and designs in specialist shops. Here we want to add right away: for passionate hobbyists and DIY fans it would be no problem to even build a garden house yourself. You can also opt for a finished model or plan a garden house according to an individual design. So many options are open to you!

modernes Gartenhaus Holz

Do you want to buy a prefabricated house or build your own garden house?

modernes Gartenhaus Flachdach Veranda aus Holz

With or without a veranda? Natural or rather painted in color? You decide!

But we can go back to the different designs. You are definitely spoiled for choice! The range of garden houses is really huge. It can be a corner house, a wooden house with an open veranda or even a sauna house. Much depends on the functions of the garden shed that you attributed to it. Many of these houses even serve as weekend houses or as party rooms in the countryside. This means that you can design and design your garden house according to your personal preferences and individual needs. As for the building material, there are again different options. Wood is mostly used, but materials such as plastic, glass and metal are also used.

Gartenhaus aus Holz

Made entirely of wood and in its natural state, the house looks like a gem in the middle of the garden.

Modernes Gartenhaus Veranda

Treat yourself to some luxury outside and enjoy all the sunny days there!

You can adapt your garden shed in terms of design to the main house, so that you achieve a uniform look in the outdoor area. Depending on the architectural style of the main building, a garden house can have a classic design, but it can also look rustic, country-style or a bit fancy and have a modern, even minimalist design. Before you buy a prefabricated house and before building your own project, determine the entire architectural style of your garden house and only then do you get started! Depending on the architectural style, you can then integrate suitable windows (round, rectangular and tilt and turn windows) and decide on a specific roof. Flat roofs, pitched roofs or barrel roofs are the most popular shapes that are well inscribed in any garden house design.

But do not forget that the roof waterproofing and the building material for the roof are of prime importance for the longevity of the garden shed. Because the end result has to be absolutely elegant and reusable. That is why it has to be resistant to weather conditions, pests and mechanical influences. Because stability and security are very important in horticulture!

Enjoy the freedom in the green in your garden house!

Romantik pur klassisches Gartenhaus in Grün

Romance in the garden – a classic garden house immersed in green

modernes Gartenhaus zum Wohnen

A modern garden house where you can also live

kleines Gartenhaus aus Holz

A small wooden house for the lawn mower and other garden tools

Häuschen Gartengestaltung im englischen Stil

An English style cottage and garden

Gartenhaus Flachdach im minimalistischen Stil

Minimalism also in the garden modern garden house in minimalist style with flat roof

schickes Gartenhaus moderner Baustil

So you can create a romantic retreat in the garden

Design Gartenhaus

Every garden house must be stable and weatherproof

Gartenhaus schlichtes Design verschiedene Baumaterialien im Einsatz

Various materials are used in modern garden shed construction

Photo 13: An old garden shed is also good for storing firewood and garden accessories

Title: old garden shed storage of firewood

Gartenschuppen aus Holz

An old garden shed is also good for storing firewood and garden supplies

kleines Gartenhaus einfaches Design in Ziegelrot gestrichen

Small but nice…. and practical, here painted in brick red!


Be sure to find a suitable place for your garden shed outside!

Gartenhaus romantisches Aussehen betont Blumenkästen

Flower boxes emphasize the romantic look of this garden shed

Gartenhaus Aufbewahrung von Gartengeräten Gartenzubehör

Here you can easily store your garden tools and accessories

Gartenhaus genug Platz für die Fahrräder

The garden shed offers enough space for the bicycles

modernes Gartenhaus formschön vielfach verwendbar

The modern garden shed elegant and versatile!

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