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Garden ideas for small gardens make your limited outdoor space inviting

Thousands of garden owners have a limited plot of land, but are quite satisfied with their little oasis in the green. You have managed to make the small garden more cozy and inviting on the one hand and to make it appear larger on the other. The result is enchanting and you feel cozy and comfortable outside in the open air. How is it actually possible that small gardens look so appealing and what you have to consider when designing them, we want to explain in the following lines. Here are our great garden ideas for small gardens!

Gartengestaltung Gartendeko Keramik

Unusual garden ideas for small gardens are very popular with garden owners.

  • Perfect planning is the be-all and end-all of the clever garden ideas for small gardens

Before you start designing your garden, especially if you have a small garden, you need to take enough time to plan it. It is best to make a sketch of what you would like to have on the restricted area. Make sure, however, that the garden does not look too cluttered during the design phase. First and foremost, you need to provide a space for the sitting area, as this is an absolute must in every garden. Only then can you start thinking about suitable garden furniture. In most cases you don’t need a lot, a small garden kit would fit nicely there, but that’s up to you. If it is very sunny in the garden during the day, then you also need to plan a wide parasol or awning. At the moment there are very modern shade dispensers in specialist shops, so you are sure to find something suitable.

Gestaltung Terrasse Ideen Garten Ideas Garten

You must also provide a resting place in the small garden, where you can enjoy complete relaxation with friends and family.

Simple garden furniture made from pallets can be made more attractive with colorful seating and decorative cushions

gartendekoration selber machen gabionen tisch

  • Clear division and structure make the small garden appear wider

After the good planning comes the realization of your design for a small garden. The following garden ideas for small gardens are expressed in pictures and text and should serve as inspiration for a cozy and homely garden design. There are no limits to your imagination here. For example, you can structure the area so that you have enough space for flower beds and also for one or two raised beds. White garden paths can lead from one place to another and give a sense of width. They also stand out superbly in the background of the green lawn. Water elements such as a small fountain or water feature create a calming atmosphere and contribute a lot to the balanced look of the small gardens.

Garten Beispiele Ideen

First, clearly separate the individual areas from one another.

garten am hang anlegen modern gestaltung holz

Wood and stones in geometric shapes can be perfectly combined with one another.

If necessary, climb up. Use the vertical surface of the garden fence or wall to hang up colorful flower pots or boxes. That brings dynamism to the small garden. A small vertical garden isn’t a bad idea either.

Beton Deko Garten ideen

Go vertical! Use the vertical surface of the stone wall or wall for flower decorations!

The color scheme is also important. Our garden ideas for small gardens include predominantly light to saturated colors. Our advice is to go for a fancy color scheme outside and you can’t go wrong. Matching perennials, blooming garden flowers and well-formed shrubs complete the look of your garden area and make it even more inviting.

Gartenbänke deko ideen

The stylish color scheme of the garden furniture in blue and white emphasizes the Mediterranean look of this small garden.

Gartengrillkamin Selber Bauen

There is also a suitable place for a grill in the small garden, right?

gartenbank aus beton gartenbank selber bauen

This harmonious garden design with benches and raised beds is very appealing.

Ideen für kleinen Garten japanisch gestalten

Bamboo, ivy and spherical box bushes decorate this quiet corner in an Asian style.

Ideen für kleinen Garten mit Grill

Ideen für kleinen Garten Sitzbereich aus Rattanmöbel und bunten Kissen

kleinen Garten Wasserfall bauen

kleiner garten ideen modern Grillplatz

kleiner garten ideen modern terrasse ideen pool garden

Kleiner Garten Im Hinterhof modern deko ideen

Kleiner garten im hinterhof moderne gestaltungsideen

Moderner Beton der kleinen Gärten moderner

Sichtschutz Ideen für Garten

sichtschutz terrasse pflanzen deko ideen

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