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Garden trends 2021: What is new and in demand this year?

Now the days are getting warmer and sunnier. Outside, the temperatures are rising and the sun is showing up more and more often. The good weather creates a good mood and arouses in each of us the need to stay outside for a long time. There is nothing more enjoyable than having breakfast outdoors in the morning and listening to the birds chirping. You can sunbathe in the afternoon sun or read an exciting book in the garden. The evenings in the open air are even more interesting. You can grill with family and friends, sit by the pool or around the fire bowl and watch the sunset. All of this certainly sounds like a beautiful dream to many, but it can become a reality. If you transform a place in the garden into a cozy oasis of calm and relaxation, you will enjoy every minute outdoors. The latest garden trends for 2021 are sure to help you design your own relaxation area outdoors.

What is in this year and which garden furniture is now particularly in demand, we want to show below.

Garden trends 2021: Set up a cozy oasis of calm in your garden….

Gartentrends 2021 Gartenmöbelset Sitzecke im Freien schöner Blick zum Garten Oase der Ruhe

… and spend a lot of time there with family and friends!

Gartentrends 2021 Zeit mit Familie und Freunden im Garten verbringen Gartenmöbelset runder Tisch 12 Stühle rote Stuhlkissen

Garden trends 2021: The living room will be moved outside in summer

The outdoor living room is undoubtedly one of the most important living trends in recent years. This corresponds to the wish of millions of people not to stay closed at home all the time and to work in the home office. You want to spend a lot more time outdoors and feel the contact with nature up close. For this reason, the trend arose to move the living room outside. In the garden you set up a place with suitable outdoor furniture that offers the same comfort that you enjoy indoors. Often this redesigned place outside represents an extension of the interior. On the one hand, the living room in the open air is designed in the same style as the interior inside. On the other hand, you have everything you need in the garden that you are used to at home, for example a comfortable sofa, armchair and a table. A sun lounger and a parasol complete the modern outdoor design. Soft upholstered and cuddly cushions ensure seating comfort.

Outside you can have a leisurely breakfast in the morning or drink your afternoon coffee later.

Gartentrends 2021 Gartenmöbelset runder Tisch vier Stühle Sonnenschirm draußen frühstücken Kaffee trinken

What news is there for garden furniture in 2021?

We know from our own experience: there is nothing with garden furniture that does not exist! The diverse range includes designs in different styles so that everyone can find something suitable for their outdoor space. Outdoor furniture sets are made from different materials and score with their robustness, durability and ease of care. However, special attention will be paid to patio furniture in 2021. Two trends clearly stand out here that are in line with the living trend described above.

The outdoor furniture 2021 is characterized by its robustness and durability.

Gartentrends 2021 Gartenmöbelset Sitzecke im Freien schöner Blick zum Garten Oase der Ruhe 1

They are also extremely easy to care for!

Gartentrends 2021 Gartenbank Kaffeetisch in Marineblau enorm pflegeleicht rote Sitzauflage

1) Versatile garden furniture sets are currently very popular

It is much more practical to buy whole outdoor furniture sets instead of buying individual pieces of furniture and then combining them with one another. High-quality, robust and easy-care garden furniture sets are particularly in demand this year. These are usually characterized by a refined design and can be perfectly inscribed in different furnishing styles. The outdoor furniture sets are also very versatile. In the hot summer months you can turn your garden into a private vacation spot. In winter you can move them to the winter garden or put them on a covered veranda. These furniture sets are weatherproof, so they can withstand different outside temperatures.

The garden furniture sets 2021 are versatile.

Gartentrends 2021 Gartenmöbelset vielseitig einsetzbar runder Tisch acht Stühle Party im Freien

For example, garden furniture made of cast aluminum can be found in different designs, colors and shapes.

Gartentrends 2021 Gartenmöbel aus Aluminiumguss ovaler Tisch Stühle in Weiß schickes Design

2) Garden furniture made of cast aluminum will be the outdoor favorites in 2021

Garden furniture made of high-quality and durable cast aluminum is definitely one of the garden trends for 2021. They are available in numerous designs, from antique and bistro style to super chic and modern. The usual shapes of garden furniture vary, for example, from rectangular to oval to square. You can find garden benches, outdoor tables and chairs made of cast aluminum in beautiful colors such as antique bronze, slate gray and stylish white. You can also find matching, very comfortable chair cushions in different colors and thus spice up any outdoor seating area with color. A parasol next to it not only protects you from hot sun rays and light rain. It gives your outdoor relaxation oasis the finishing touch and complements your design concept.

Here you can spend unforgettable hours of tranquility.

Gartentrends 2021 Sitzbank an der Gartenmauer inmitten blühender Kletterblumen Oase der Ruhe

But these are not all the plus points of cast aluminum garden furniture. They are particularly trendy because of their longevity. The robust material can be exposed to bright sun, wind, rain and low temperatures. However, the different weather conditions do not leave any traces on the garden furniture. They are absolutely rust-free! In addition, the aluminum furniture is maintenance-free and easy to care for. For these reasons, all outdoor furniture made of cast aluminum is in great demand. You can rely on their longevity and enjoy the best comfort outside for years and enjoy the garden furniture a lot.

We hope that the garden trends 2021 presented here will help you to make the right choice. Don’t forget, the quality always pays off!

We wish you a wonderful summer 2021!

Gartentrends 2021 Gartenmöbelset aus Aluminiumguss erstklassiges Design Partyzeit im Freien

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