Garrett Luce

The Life of Garrett Luce

Kelvin Harrison turns in an excellent performance as Luce. Octavia Spencer also gives solid performances but both suffer under director Julius Onah (“The Cloverfield Paradox”).

Ms. Wilson holds Luce to adult standards and it remains unclear whether she harbors animus towards black students or simply holds that they must excel academically.

Early Life and Education

Texas A&M sophomore Christopher Luce was struck and killed by a train early Sunday morning near Wellborn Road and John Kimbrough Boulevard in College Station, where police believe he was lying on the tracks when it struck. Police reported that even after warnings by train engineers to move, Luce did not move from where he lay when hit by its wheels. Luce was lying motionless. According to police reports, train engineers used warning horns twice but no response came.

Investigators believe Luce was not wearing headphones and would have heard the warning whistle, yet still didn’t respond appropriately to warnings issued against him. His body has been sent for autopsy in Travis County.

Garrett Cole Luce was born in Houston to Joe E. and Janell King Luce. He attended Second Baptist School before graduating Summa Cum Laude with honors in 2011. While at College of Charleston he played baseball before transferring to A&M University where he joined Kappa Alpha Fraternity as Kappa Alpha member.

Professional Career

At Second Baptist School, Garrett distinguished himself as an outstanding catcher on both baseball and softball teams; earned Academic All State honors; served on an AP scholar committee; joined children’s choir; was an All State honoree and even spent many summers volunteering as camp counselor at Kanakuk K2 Kamp.

After being accepted to the College of Charleston Honors Program and majoring in Business, he found great friendships as well as an affinity for all things Southern.

Kenyon once proclaimed that Luce likely has done more to advance the history of professional wrestling than any other five people combined. His work is essential to wrestling researchers – one of his early accomplishments being exploring its early days city by city; then expanding it to include barnstorming circuits of mid 1950s.

Achievement and Honors

Garrett had it all at Texas A&M University: looks, smarts, sports and deep faith. As a sophomore he received many honors such as an AP scholarship award and academic All State Choir membership as well as being part of his varsity baseball team’s catching position and captaining role on their roster.

Luce covered every Republican debate and both major party conventions as well as being present during President Trump’s transition process, breaking several cabinet appointments. He frequently contributes to CBS News programs and platforms.

He has contributed to several books, such as “The End of America,” as well as Teen Mania and was one of its founding members. Additionally, The Garrett Luce Scholarship offered through The Luce Foundation provides opportunities for all academic fields.

Personal Life

Garrett Luce was an enthusiastic Christian who lived life to its fullest. He enjoyed spending time with family and friends, was a graduate of Second Baptist School (where he excelled academically, baseball and choir), was very involved with church activities, as well as spending his summers coaching and counseling at Kanakuk K2 Kamps.

He will be deeply missed by his parents, grandparents, and many cousins.

Funeral Services will take place Saturday morning at 11:00 at the Worship Center of Second Baptist Church (6400 Woodway Drive in Houston) where friends are welcome to share memories and share condolences with Bob Tucker, Wade Modisette and Daniel Naborsette who will serve as pallbearers.

Net Worth

Garrett Luce was an ambitious young man with an exciting future ahead of him. Blessed with good looks, intelligence and an unwavering family support network – Garrett played baseball and sang in a choir as well as being one of his school’s top students – but unfortunately left this world under tragic circumstances.

He was hit by a train while lying on railroad tracks in College Station and its engineers attempted to awaken him with their whistle but were unsuccessful. Luce, 19, was a sophomore at Texas A&M University. His family are devastated over his death which has lead to much speculation as to how it occurred.

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