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Gemini 2017 annual horoscope and the influence of the Fire Rooster

Gemini are the most reckless of all 12 zodiac signs. But that’s exactly what the Feuer-Hahn 2017 likes best. He helps all those born under the zodiac sign Gemini to complete their unfinished projects from last year this year. In addition, the fire rooster gives the twins many new entertainment options. It will not only be amusing and lively for them, but sometimes even turbulent, and the representatives of this zodiac sign notice this very early on, in the first few weeks of the Chinese New Year.

Gemini annual horoscope good successful year it is always uphill

The reckless twins are doing great this year and are always looking up!

romantic dinner cozy hours - for two by candlelight

Look forward to many romantic hours for two, by candlelight

February will undoubtedly bring many successes for the twins, which will put them a bit under pressure. But dear twins, you shouldn’t worry at all. Just accept the fact that you have an eventful and fateful year ahead of you. In spring you will be the absolute winner in your job, but you will also win hearts anew in your private life. Lots of exciting flirtations await you, romantic dinners for two, cozy hours by candlelight … Everything that is stylish will appeal to you in April. You can treat yourself to more peace and quiet and at least forget everything about your professional business until summer (or at least put it in second place!). In the summer you will be busy again, because in the hot season you have negotiations and important deals to be carried out. In the event that you have some financial troubles in June, all you need to do is keep calm and keep everything under control. In autumn you can plan a great family vacation or just spontaneously go away with your loved ones. But an all-inclusive relaxation program would do you all good! Recharge your batteries, because there are 3-4 months left until the end of the year, full of work and emotions.

Annual Horoscope Gemini a lot of hard work until the end of the year - get it done

A lot of hard work is just waiting for you to do it!

In the job the twins will be successful all year round. You will be favored by the stars and the Fire Rooster, so that you can start the year confidently and courageously. May would be your chance to showcase your business talents. Even if you take a certain risk, it will not lead to any financial problems. You could learn a lot from it and master the difficult situation well. This year, precisely in the summer months, you can request and receive a raise.

Annual horoscope Gemini expect a salary increase in summer

The twins can expect a wage increase in the summer

In love it will be fiery for all Gemini-born. This year Gemini is a popular and loving person who is welcome everywhere. The happy planet Jupiter will be by your side until October and together with the fire rooster it will bring you many new moments of happiness. Your visual look will also be applauded by the opposite sex and you will be confident and attractive through the year 2017. You could meet happiness anywhere in the office, at a party, with friends or just by chance on the street. You just have to be prepared for it. Because of this, your love life will also become bolder and fresher.

Gemini love horoscope looking for personal happiness everywhere will come unexpectedly

Look for your personal happiness anywhere, it could come to you quite unexpectedly!

Health horoscope 2017 fresh products healthy eating lots of fruits and vegetables a must in the menu

A healthy diet must be a must for all Gemini born in 2017

Her Health horoscope also provides something new for 2017. Now is the time to make a healthy choice. Leave your old eating habits aside, they are simply history for you and choose a lot of fruit and vegetables for your menu, only go for fresh products and you will not go wrong!

Health horoscope possible joint complaints consult a specialist

Possible joint problems can worry you!

Joint problems can possibly occur, so you have to consult a specialist immediately. It is better to refrain from any alcohol and go easy on your liver. Always pay attention to what exactly your food contains and avoid overly salty foods and hot spices. You know perfectly well that smoking is harmful! So this year you try to stop this bad habit. The Fire Rooster will help you and you will definitely succeed.

So look forward to the new year 2017! A good time is ahead of you and brings you strong emotions and new successes!

Gemini annual health horoscope too salty foods hot spices - avoid

The twins must avoid salty foods and hot spices.

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