Genevieve George

Physician Assistant – Meet Genevieve George

Genevieve George is a physician assistant, providing support and care to patients across many fields. She can assess symptoms, diagnose disease or condition, and prescribe medication if needed.

One year ago, George was in an Arizona hospital for multiple procedures due to a blocked bile duct. It was during one of these surgeries that she discovered she had median arcuate ligament syndrome (MALS), necessitating her to have a feeding tube placed in her stomach for nourishment.

Early Life and Education

Genevieve George began life with few material possessions, yet was surrounded by many supportive family members and friends who were eager to help her reach her full potential. She was encouraged to be ambitious and use her natural intelligence to take advantage of all the opportunities presented to her.

She was an active supporter of the Black community, serving on Alpha Kappa Alpha – one of America’s oldest Black sororities – and as a longtime member of the National Council of Negro Women with founding Mary McLeod Bethune and civil rights icon Dorothy Height to end lynching, reform criminal justice systems, and promote other important causes.

After graduating in 1922, she went on to work as a music teacher at several historically Black colleges and universities. Additionally, she became renowned for her books about history; her first book, George Washington’s World, was praised for its innovative approach in presenting history in school textbooks.

Professional Career

Genevieve George has a long and distinguished career in financial advisory. In 2022, she joined Ballentine Partners and now provides services to clients with investable assets of $3.5 million or more.

She has extensive expertise in accounting, insurance, investments and financial planning. As a Senior Wealth Advisor within our High Net Worth practice, she acts as an invaluable strategic partner to her clients.

She has a passion for providing everyone with employment, and is the founder of OneShift – an online job network that matches employers to candidates seeking casual short-term work. This website allows job seekers to display their availability and location which makes it easier for businesses to hire the right candidate without wasting time or resources during recruitment processes.

Achievements and Honors

Genevieve was recognized for her accomplishments, including being inducted into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame and winning three awards at the Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

She was also recognized by Charles County Public Schools for her dedication to teaching and student success at their December 13 Board of Education meeting.

She was also awarded a Multicultural Graduation Cord for her outstanding dedication to diversity, social justice and multiculturalism. She has demonstrated this dedication through her leadership role, community involvement and academic pursuits at Columbia College, Columbia Engineering and School of General Studies; making her an inspiration to many students on campus and beyond.

Personal Life

George has never let her medical issues stop her. Her determination to succeed led to a year-long journey that included six procedures and two surgeries to free up an artery and ease abdominal pain.

She has steadily improved and is now a 119-pound sophomore swimmer at Phoenix Xavier Prep. She earned a state qualification in the 100-yard backstroke event, one of her strongest events.

In August 2020, she was diagnosed with the rare median arcuate ligament syndrome (MALS). This disorder restricts blood flow to the stomach and organs, leading to debilitating abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss.

Net Worth

Genevieve George is a Nigerian actress renowned for her roles in movies such as Lion Heart, 30 Days and Tango With Me. Additionally, she hosts the children’s television show Choo Choo Soul and has published books.

She boasts a net worth of approximately 5 billion naira, making her one of the wealthiest people in Nollywood. She owns multiple properties across Lagos, Ikoyi, Abuja and Ghana.

Her wealth is impressive, yet she has been accused of exploiting actors’ pay demands to land major movie roles. As a result, major studios in Lagos and Onitsha banned her from appearing in films.

She boasts an impressive list of endorsement partnerships with companies like Etisalat, Range Rover Evoque and MUD cosmetics. Additionally, she owns her own clothing line and donates most of her wealth to charity.

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